Can pregnant soar feet or take a bath

What if suddenly during pregnancy you overcame a cold?In normal times we would be swallowed pills, drank a cup of tea with raspberry jam, napar feet and lay down under a blanket - to hurt.In essence, if the cold too strong, it could even be called pleasant - well, who does not want to legally lie in bed, and even so, to all the surrounding spared you and cared about you?But what happens to pregnant women?Can pregnant soar legs?It is clear that we are not talking about medications, but in fact treated in some way you need?In addition, the hot foot bath is so nice relax.

What doctors say about this

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you.The doctors on this issue is absolutely unanimous - soar legs pregnant women can not be in any case.The fact that such procedures, especially early in pregnancy may easily provoke miscarriage.In the first weeks of pregnancy, when the newly originated embryo is introduced into the uterus, your body treats it as a foreign body, which is necessary to get rid of.And so,

if you hover legs, it can activate blood circulation and cause severe bleeding.Which not only cause a termination of pregnancy, but can be very dangerous for the woman herself.

is no coincidence that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy in the first few weeks after the delay was hovering feet.Sometimes it ended with the death of not only fruit, but also the mother failed.For the same reason it is not recommended for pregnant women too much to warm up your body.If you go to the sauna, in the steam room that are no more than 5 minutes, and then be sure to become a cool shower.

Keep in mind that this procedure causes the blood flow to the brain, which means that he will experience oxygen starvation, which can result in unconsciousness and trauma.

not always hot foot bath during pregnancy ends in miscarriage.In the later stages, when the placenta has been formed, it may simply adhere to the uterus, and this leads to serious complications in pregnancy.Thus, if you want to continue the pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child, remember: you can not soar legs pregnant in any case.

Warm foot baths are very useful

All procedures associated with too hot water or by heating pregnant strictly prohibited.But usually when women are interested in whether it is possible to soar legs pregnant, they do not mean anything bad, but just want to remove stress from the day tired muscles and relax.This can help not hot, but warm bath for the feet or the whole body.This bath when the water temperature exceeds 36 degrees, it is permissible for pregnant and can only benefit.

Warm water helps relax pregnant well, charges pleasant emotions and puts in order the nervous system.If you have the opportunity, you can immerse yourself in a bath entirely, if - no, you can use a bath just for the feet.

As you know, feet pregnant experience a special burden - because they have to wear a weight of your body suddenly potyazhelevshy.Hence, varicose veins, and swelling, and sometimes - and changes in the joints.A warm bath once or twice a week helps prevent the unpleasant consequences, or greatly reduce the existing ones.

Pour into a bowl of warm water, add to broth of herbs such as calendula or series.If there is - sprinkle in a little sea salt, add pine extract, sit in a comfortable chair in front of TV - and enjoy.At the end of the special grease legs nutritious cream.