Can pregnant orgasm , is not dangerous if it is

During pregnancy a woman's body undergoes a series of changes that make it a new way to treat not only many familiar smells and tastes of long ago, but even to have sex.Many women admit that they are only in the pregnancy really understand - what an orgasm, and others - that such sensations, both during the pregnancy they had never before experienced.And they are even afraid of it, because he did not know whether pregnant orgasm, and even such a force.And it really is - the truth.

Why pregnant women experiencing strong orgasms

fact that with the onset of pregnancy, a woman's body is very much changed.Actually, that's not the kind of woman who was before.Now it is controlled completely different hormones that cause all these unexpected changes.Mom especially configured for tenderness and affection, and she not only wants to give them, but also to receive.The uterus increases in size, accordingly, increase and genitals of the woman, and - placed there her erogenous zones.

In addition, during intimacy

blood begins to flow to the female genital organs is much stronger than before pregnancy.It turns out that the sensations experienced by expectant mothers during intimacy with a partner, are several orders of magnitude richer and more active.

Can pregnant orgasm

Orgasm - a rhythmic reflex contraction of the smooth muscle of the uterus and muscles of that part of the vagina, which is adjacent to that body.That is why women sometimes worry that such uterine activity may somehow damage the unborn child or did cause termination of pregnancy, as a result they do refuse to have sex, thinking that it is better to let everything remains in peace.However, doctors adhere to the opposite point of view.

turns, orgasm, which is experiencing a pregnant woman is not only not harmful to her baby, but even, on the contrary, it is very useful to him.The fact that such reduction of the vagina and uterine walls leads to considerable enhancement of blood circulation in this area, and hence, the placenta is actively supplied with all the nutrients and oxygen.In addition, the efforts of the bloodstream takes all of the fruit of the waste of his life and, finally, the pleasure felt by the woman throws the blood powerful charge of endorphins, which are also transmitted to the baby.That, of course, can not go in his favor.

In addition, these contractions are a kind of training her muscles and prepare the birth canal to the birth of the child and the work that they will have to make at the same time.In turn, the baby uterine wall is also beginning to be associated with pleasure and joy - remember the endorphins?And thus, at the time of birth, he feels much less stress than those children who did not have such an "experience."In short, pregnant orgasm is not only possible, but it is even very necessary.

What can be contra

Of course, despite all of the above, can not be denied that some of the contraindications in sex during pregnancy is still there.Usually, if they occur, the doctors at the next inspection is required to warn the woman about it.

In fact, only two of them.This - the threat of termination of pregnancy and late pregnancy, when the reflex contractions of the uterus can cause premature labor.But in that case, if the term was somewhat delayed orgasm pregnant can do a just, good service.He will remind your child that he would have time to see the light.