Can pregnant women increase the acrylic or gel nails

Certainly, pregnancy is not a reason to look untidy.Especially for working energetic modern women who just need to be always "on high".But not always own nails please us with its beauty and strength in addition, during pregnancy their condition deteriorates further, they lose their healthy color and often begin to stratify.In normal times, a woman in such a situation, recourse to the acrylic nail or gel.But is it possible for pregnant women to increase the nails?After all, the materials used for this procedure is hardly beneficial to health.

What you need to know about nail enhancements

reagents and materials used for building, hardly enter the body of women and pregnant women need to know that those tiny doses that you can breathe, can not significantly influence anyon your body or on the body of your unborn baby.

applying for nail or doing it at home by yourself, pay attention to the composition of the materials that you are going to use.Make sure that they are made based on ethyl methacrylate in

stead of methyl methacrylate.This drug is significantly more secure, moreover, it does not damage your own nails.

Grow nails only in well-ventilated area.Do not do this procedure a couple of months before giving birth to to the point where you need to go to the hospital, the nails have been cut short, healthy and in no way covered.

To date, experts have no confirmed data that the nail during pregnancy somehow adversely affect the development of the unborn child or the pregnancy as a whole.Therefore, the doctors did not impose a definitive ban on this procedure, though, and believe that it is better to do without it.

Observe precautions

If, despite everything, you want to increase the nails, take to the process during pregnancy attention.First, use only high-quality and expensive materials produced in Western countries.Avoid Chinese or Thai woman products.Let her and much cheaper, but pregnancy is not the time, when to save on their own health.

Before spending zapilivanie nail plate, wear a protective mask on the face.The fact is that during this operation the smallest particles formed of acrylic gel or dust, which are scattered in the surrounding air.You can easily inhale them, and so they get into your body.After the procedure rinse with chemical dust all hands under running water.

Please note that the hormonal changes that occur in your body, affecting, in particular, and the nail plate.The nail becomes more moist and soft.Therefore, manicurist, answering the question of whether pregnant women increase the nails, warned that guarantee the full quality Accreted plate in this state is impossible.Besides creating an artificial nail to the natural plate, to which it is attached, an additional load, and therefore it is damaged in pregnant women may be more powerful.

If you want to increase the nails during pregnancy, it is recommended not to use gel and acrylic buildup.The fact that pregnant women have to remove all this beauty with their nails before going to the maternity ward.And if the acrylic can be easily removed using a special solvent, it is necessary to remove the gel's mechanical way, and this can lead to injury.Especially in pregnant women.