Can pregnant summer okroshka

reason many future moms, especially at the beginning of the term of her pregnancy sincerely believe that now they can not, and that can not be so, in general, can not be just about anything.And, thank God, after some time they are happy to find that they were wrong.Well, for example, where he could take such a question - whether during pregnancy have a hodgepodge?Okroshka - this is a great traditional Russian dish which is simply indispensable in the heat of summer, when even scary to think about a plate of hot, bursting with heat borsch with brain bone.Hash summer begin to eat just the same in unlimited quantities, but whether pregnant hodgepodge?

What good hash

Not so long ago, in the days of his youth of our mothers, even doctors sincerely believed that a pregnant woman should eat for two people - for himself and for the guy, or rather the child she carries under her heart.Today, this view has changed dramatically in the exact opposite, and nowadays it is not recommended for pregnant women overea

t, but on the contrary, it is advised to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger.The most important thing in this case - that the food provides your body with all the necessary for nutrition and child growth.And - not to gain weight, which in pregnant women occur various troubles, ranging from swelling and ending late toxicosis.

Animal and vegetable proteins, calcium, phosphorus - all that is necessary for your body to properly shape the muscle and bone tissues of the future baby.Your diet must contain a minimum of carbohydrates, but protein, vitamins and trace elements should be here definitely, and even in some excess.And all this is just able to provide you hash.It contains proteins and - eggs and meat, and vitamins, and fiber - vegetables.Okroshka helps many pregnant women struggle with toxemia in the morning - because she had such a pleasant refreshing sour taste.

window wonderful quenches thirst and summer, when because of the heat do not want to eat anything and only drink, drink and drink.But drinking too much of the expectant mother is just not worth it, so as not to overload the kidneys, and so that has a hard time.On the other hand, fasting for pregnant women is totally unacceptable and can lead to severe pathological changes in the fetus.

Okroshka and helps to improve appetite, being a kind of aperitif, and at the same time, it is quite full and independent first course.Cellulose, which is present here in large numbers, will help you deal with digestive disorders.And no matter what kind of components to be included in it - fish, meat or eggs and vegetables only, in any case, hash extremely helpful and very expectant mother and her unborn baby.So the question - whether pregnant okroshka, definitely give a positive answer.

kvass or kefir

is known hash is made on one of two bases - or kvass or kefir.Which drink you choose depends entirely on your personal preferences.But let me give you some advice on the subject.

If you choose as the basis for kefir hash, then in relation to him there are no contraindications.Kefir - a useful and tasty product that enriches the body of a pregnant woman so she needed during this period calcium.Therefore, you need to drink kefir, even if you do okroshka on kvass or, do not eat okroshka.Just because they do not like.

Kvass - is another matter entirely.Use hash to only exclusively natural and of course, non-carbonated kvass.And here already there are certain difficulties.

That brew that you can find in the shops, it is not suitable for the preparation of this useful and tasty dishes - even in the most natural will necessarily contain preservatives that are contraindicated for pregnant women.Bochkova the kvass, which is sold on the streets and do not desirable to use even in the normal state - too it does not meet sanitary requirements.

Hence the conclusion.If you want to prepare okroshka on kvass, do it yourself.There is nothing complicated, and you will find the recipe on the Internet easily.But you're absolutely sure that you can have such a hodgepodge, and pregnant women.