Can pregnant women to the south by train.A few tips

Pregnancy is not always a reason to say goodbye to the familiar way of life.And of course not necessarily because of pregnancy change the plans for the summer vacation.It is only necessary to consult, whether pregnant south by train, or better to do it on the plane and what features distinguish such a journey, how best to prepare for it.

course, pregnant women should not engage in climbing Elbrus, but new experiences and are new acquaintance will not be denied.Especially since the pregnancy, this is the time when the more positive emotions, the better for the development of the future baby.

What to consider before you travel

Whatever your plans and what do not you advise a friend as well and would be confident you yourself may feel at the moment, certainly, before making a final decision,consult your doctor.It is for him the final say in this matter.And you have to put it in a known absolutely everything: where exactly are you going to go, whether you are flying abroad by plane or go by train to th

e south.Every detail can be decisive.Therefore answer specialist questions as detailed as possible, without hiding anything.Remember that he asks you not out of curiosity, but because it wants to make sure that your trip will be safe.

Generally, doctors advise against traveling women who used IVF to conceive a child or those who have long been treated for infertility and used stimulate ovulation techniques.Well?In this case it is better to sacrifice the ride, after all, the child's safety is more important.

Can pregnant south train

If the doctor sees no contraindications for such a trip, it is possible.Only you need to understand that your current situation there are special requirements, so you should try to make your journey as comfortable as possible.Spend a few days on the train is not easy for the common man, and even for a pregnant woman is doubly difficult.

If possible, purchase tickets to the coupe, and it would be good to train was proprietary and comfortable, ventilation and hot water always available.Some luxury trains provide each compartment private bath - it is now would be very, very useful for you.

sure to get tickets on the bottom shelf.Even if you feel fine, the second shelf is not for you.The fact is that under the influence of hormones, the ligaments and the joints of the pregnant women are softened, become more elastic, the process of preparing for the upcoming birth.Therefore, you just might get injured, where it did not expect.

And do not hope that you will change with fellow travelers.Of course, if your neighbor would be a sports man or a young girl, most likely, they will be included in your position.But always there is a probability that in one compartment of a train to the south will go to pregnant old woman or a mother with several kids, who also have not posted on the top shelf.Therefore it is better to worry about this in advance.

sure to consult a guide, if there is a part of a medical center and in what car it is.

Going to the south by train, pregnant women need to make sure that they had with a sufficient amount of edible supplies, as the dining car - it's not the best place for feeding pregnant.However, we must take into account the fact that the train is no refrigerator, and therefore take perishable foods still not worth it.

And do not forget from time to time to get up and go on the car in order to avoid stagnation of blood in the veins.It is especially important for pregnant women to maintain good circulation.

Still, the trip to the south of the train has its advantages.You always have the ability to get and go back, legs stretched out, which can not be done on the plane or bus.At the same time you and a good night's sleep by measuring the sound of wheels.And if the train would be comfortable enough, you will not even feel the fatigue of such a journey.