Can pregnant mint - a familiar stranger

waiting the birth of a child, this is a great miracle.But do not forget that it is a miracle we are creating with their own hands, which means that we really, really work hard to ensure that the baby was born healthy, pregnancy was quiet and did not cause trouble.Can I use mint pregnant?Let's try to deal with this matter thoroughly.

seems that the mint is all familiar from childhood plant and, of course, it is not like all expectant mothers.But to know what properties mint and mint can you pregnant?Even if only in order to exercise due caution.

healing properties of peppermint

First of all, we must remember that the mint - this herb.Pregnant women are pretty suspicious of synthetic drugs, but for some reason can prove the absolute carelessness, when it comes to herbs.Meanwhile, many of them in their effects are no weaker, so the mint in folk medicine used for the treatment of many diseases.

uses the properties of mint and during pregnancy.In case of severe toxicity in the first trimester, doctors

recommend the use of mints or mint tea.Good help in this case, mint chewing gum, although the gum itself has some contraindications for pregnant women, and especially not to be carried away by it.

To combat the manifestations of toxicity and you can use a healing broth, cooked according to the following recipe:

Take mint leaves - 2 teaspoons, as much yarrow and marigold.Crush valerian root and add to the mixture of herbs in the amount of 1 teaspoon.All pour boiling water - 0.5 liters and leave in a dark place to infuse for 30 minutes.Take strained infusion several times a day, about a quarter cup as necessary.

Struggling with constipation

This homely-looking grass well in dealing with the perennial problem of pregnant women - constipation.To do this, you need to make an infusion of mint, strain it and take about half a cup two or three times a day.Thus it is possible to cope not only with constipation, but also with increased flatulence or bloating or other digestive problems: cramps, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and similar troubles.

mint and use to relieve cough during a cold, and even just to make a lotion if the skin peels off.But .. Can pregnant mint?

Mint is not as harmless

Mint - is a plant that contains substances called fiitoestrogenami - female hormone analogues, which can lead to a reduction in the smooth muscles of the uterus and premature birth.

mint contraindicated for pregnant women at low blood pressure, varicose veins, and, of course, if you are hypersensitive to this plant allergies.Yes, this also happens, and especially - namely pregnant women.Pregnancy is generally a period that is full of surprises.And even if to it you never had allergies to any products, just now things can change.

tea with mint can be a cause of miscarriage

American scientists have found that some varieties of mint can be dangerous for pregnant women.Peppermint essential oil contains pulegone substance which refers to monocyclic monoterpene ketones.This material has a neurotoxic, gepatoksicheskim and abortifacient effects.Thank God, in the usual mint peppermint it is not much - only about 5%.But if you find a flea Mint - beware.Pulegone therein is about 80%, and thus it poses a serious threat.Can you eat mint, can tell a doctor.