Can pregnant sea on vacation

Since the beginning of the holiday season is the most popular question that doctors hear in the antenatal clinic - whether a pregnant woman to go to sea.This is understandable, because the long cold winter bothers everyone.And so I want to finally bask in the sun, listening to the gentle rustle of the surf.Besides, everyone knows about the healing power of sea water cures many diseases.But pregnancy is not a disease and the treatment it requires.There are any contraindications?Can pregnant women of the sea?

course, Sea vacation brings mostly positive emotions, and they are very useful for pregnant women.But before you make a final decision, the expectant mother should be sure to familiarize yourself with all its possible pluses and minuses.

Holidays Sea and pregnancy.As far as they are compatible

Indeed the impact of sea water on the human body can not be overestimated.It contains not only salt, but it quite a lot - 78%.The seawater also contains magnesium, potassium and calcium.Here you will find

copper and iron, but is especially valuable for women expecting a baby - is, of course, selenium and iodine.If the expectant mother will miss selenium, it can cause various complications and even pathology of pregnancy.But iodine is very important for the intelligence of the future baby.

high concentration of salt in sea water causes the skin to be irritated and expand the capillaries that are in it.In other words, the skin begins to breathe actively.It absorbs every cell of oxygen, at the same time there is an allocation of carbon dioxide.It stimulates the metabolic processes in the body, improves blood composition, reduced sugar, the pressure comes back to normal.Disappear swelling, which is often plagued by pregnant women.And this is only a small part of the positive effect that the sea water has on the body of a pregnant woman.

Can pregnant sea?Of course, possible.But some caution is still not hurt.

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