Can pregnant and how to do massage

more ancient doctors used massage not only to treat many diseases, but in order to prevent their occurrence.There are many different types of massages and practices in virtually every country has his own.But pregnancy makes a woman especially suspicious because of her behavior during this period bude envy of not only her own health but the health of the baby, which she wears under her heart.Although the expectant mother probably would rather be taken advantage of the massage service, first of all she wants to know whether it is possible for pregnant women to massage in her position, and whether there is any medical contraindications to it.And she was absolutely right, because wrong spent massage, unskillful use influence to bring certainly can not.And it is good if you do not do any harm.

Who can do massage for pregnant

Firstly, before turning to the masseur, you definitely need to consult with the attending gynecologist.Massage really helps pregnant women get rid of the pain in the lower back and l

eg muscles, relieve symptoms of varicose veins, activate blood circulation relieve fatigue, and just significantly improve your mood.However, it should be understood that the technique of massage for pregnant women is significantly different from the technology that is used for the ordinary people, so the therapist to whom you want to address it should specialize in massage for pregnant women.In addition, you may have some contraindications for massage, and you can not even guess about it.Therefore, whether pregnant massage, in each case, the observer can tell the future mother a doctor.He can advise you and then you can go to any massage therapist.

Contraindications for massage for pregnant

massage features in pregnant

Did you know that a pregnant woman's body there are separate zones and points, the activation of which can cause spontaneous abortion?That is why massage pregnant women should do just enough experienced specialist.Do not attempt to massage in the first trimester of pregnancy, because it is precisely in this period, the risk of miscarriage is particularly realistic.Do not do massage and women with habitual abortion syndrome.

Typically, expectant mothers do massage the shoulder girdle, neck, back, arms and legs.Especially useful massage the back and waist, which helps to relax muscles, bearing a special burden, as well as the spine.

During the massage a pregnant woman, it is very important that it is in the most comfortable position for her, as a rule, on its side, lying down, and did not feel any discomfort.In general, it is important that a massage around reigned corresponding relaxing atmosphere and nothing prevented the process of relaxation.Absolutely not vibrating or tapping movement, as well as combinations thereof.

Massage is a very strong stimulating effect and apply it should be with great caution.At home, on their own, you can only use light stroking movements.

Can pregnant women to carry out non-traditional massages and massage combined with sports exercises or water classes can be determined only by the attending physician.