How to cure a sore throat : Can pregnant Lugol

There are many medications that are in a normal state, we tend to think is absolutely safe, and we use them almost without any restrictions.This, for example, aspirin, iodine or Lugol.However, everything in this world is relative, including such a thing as security.And that is perfect for the average person may not be so for a pregnant woman or nursing mother.So, probably every one of us as a child my grandmother smeared his throat all the same Lugol.But whether it will be safe for a woman who is expecting a baby?Can pregnant Lugol?

What lugol

Lugol, a mixture of iodine and potassium iodide aqueous solution.Thus, Lugol's solution is a mixture of iodine, potassium iodide and water.Sometimes such Lugol solution can add glycerol, in which case the mixture obtained in the following proportion: glycerin -94% water - 3% potassium iodide - 2% iodine - 1%.

Whatever Lugol solution, it is used in order to handle the external mucous membranes of the larynx or throat in case of inflammations.And, despite the f

act that the original lugol developed to treat tuberculosis, it can use it to successfully heal and sore throat and pharyngitis.

fact Lugol action is antiseptic, when iodine is included in its composition, eliminates bacteria, has on its way.When you lubricate the surface of the patient's throat Lugol, it relieves pain and removes tickle, removes toxins and speeds up the healing process.Our grandmothers fasten a cotton swab to a long stick, moistened his Lugol and sore throat lubricated.You can now do the same, and can be used lugol marketed as a spray.It is much more convenient.

Can pregnant lugol

Apparently, the fears that occur in pregnant women who are connected with the fact that in Lugol contains iodine.It is known that iodine is quite insidious element and its excess, as well as its deficiency can seriously affect the functioning of the endocrine glands, especially thyroid activity.And, of course, such a breach could affect the status of your unborn child.

But as you know, in our society, unfortunately, often it is seen as a time of iodine deficiency in the body.In addition, pregnant women often lack this element - in fact most of what they get from food and water is going to build the body of the future baby.So for pregnant women is the most dangerous is iodine deficiency.

Finally, it should be understood that lugol - a tool for outdoor use, it does not enter into the body, it does not swallow and spit.And Lugol iodine, as already mentioned, only 1%.

Therefore, pregnant women can be absolutely no fear that lugol can somehow harm them or their unborn child.Especially since the vast majority of drugs to pregnant women just absolutely contraindicated, and colds and sore throats, unfortunately, even in their state are not so uncommon.

lugol It is able to prevent the further spread of infection throughout the body.For sore throat should not be taken too lightly, thinking that everything will go by itself.Perhaps if your immune system is working at full capacity, it is really easy to cope with such a disease.But expectant mothers it is weakened and therefore even a simple sore throat can become a serious problem if it is not time to begin to heal.And to help pregnant women in this matter is lugol.Contraindication to its use can only be increased dryness of the throat, and the idiosyncrasy of the drug.