Can pregnant and some ice cream

9 months of happy expectation appears in the light of the new man are often associated with various restrictions.In fact, the two words "possible" and "impossible" simply pursuing future mother, sometimes causing her sincere bewilderment.Well, for example, ice cream.Can pregnant ice cream?Few expectant mothers think about the matter.And if they report that some doctors believe that the ice cream is highly undesirable product during pregnancy, then, perhaps, they will be very surprised.

On the other hand, many expectant mothers do eat ice cream during pregnancy and no trouble is not happening.So why is this delicious and nutritious product suddenly appeared, if not prohibited, then close to it?

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clear that in the heat of summer ice cream is one of the most favorite delicacies, not only in pregnant women.But the ice cream - it is not only a tasty product.It contains a significant amount of really useful substances for the organism.And if it is consumed in reasonable amounts, you sh

ould not even worry about the fact that you gain excess weight.

To avoid this, simply count the number of calories you eat per day.Typically, for a person in a normal state, this rule should not exceed 1500 kcal, while for pregnant women, depending on the duration of pregnancy, it is from 2500 to 3000 kcal per day.

Ice Cream digested by the human body is much better than just milk, almost completely.Its calorie content must be indicated on the pack.So 100 g popsicle can pull up to 400 kcal, which corresponds to the caloric good beef steak.

By drinking ice cream, your body begins to actively develop the so-called happiness hormone - serotonin, which, of course, goes to benefit both the pregnant woman and the baby, whom she expects.After all, a good and peaceful mood not only important in itself, it is still good and promotes good health.No wonder the doctors say that all diseases of the nerves happen.So if you have a bad mood, just eat a serving of ice cream.But

in ice cream and contains a useful vitamins and some elements which are so necessary, including pregnant women.This amino acid, lactose, certain mineral elements in particular - calcium L-tryptophan.And all this is in easily digestible form, which is very important for the body of a pregnant woman.

A relatively recently been created on the basis of yogurt ice cream.It not only nourishes you, but also delivers to your body bifidobaterii that contribute to the normalization of the bowel and enrich it useful flora, which helps strengthen the immune defense of the body.

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But we were interested not only what the ice cream may be helpful for pregnant women, but also whether it is possible to use the expectant mothers.If we try to deal with this issue, you will find that doctors who impose a ban on the use of this product in pregnant women, in fact, did not act against the ice cream.And against the artificial additives and dyes that may be therein.It is their negative impact on the body of the future mother and the doctors fear those who put the ice cream in the list of banned products.

Thus, theoretically, if you buy an ice cream with no fillers or fragrances, or else - with natural fillers, such as honey or strawberry jam, there are no objections to the ice cream at doctors will not.This cream may be pregnant.

Provided, of course, that you will comply with a reasonable rate of its use and will begin to dramatically gain weight.