Can pregnant lemon tea

Who among us does not like to treat yourself to tea with lemon?Perhaps all love this yellow fruit and happily use it.All but expectant mothers.More specifically pregnant women would also like to cut off a juicy slice of lemon, but that's just they are often not sure whether you can do it.After pregnancy linked to many restrictions, most of which, however, it must be said, it is nothing more than myths.Determine whether pregnant lemon?

What is the lemon and what it is useful

strange question, you might say.And, nevertheless, I want to talk a bit about that, and about what, in fact, is the use of this plant.

What do you think - how big can reach a lemon tree, which many of us grow up at home on the windowsill?It turns out, at home, in China or on the islands of the South Pacific, it is a weak-looking little tree citrus family can reach a height of 8 meters and its lifespan - 45-50 years.Today, the lemon tree is cultivated in many countries of the South, including the Caucasus - Abkhazia and south.

Lemons - this is the fruit of the lemon tree.The sharp sour taste gives them a large concentration of citrus acid, but the sugar it contains quite a bit.

Lemon has long been considered the main source of vitamin C, which is extremely necessary for our body, and pregnant women - in particular.Vitamin C stimulates the oxidation and reduction processes in the human body, strengthens blood vessels and maintains their elasticity, and besides actively fighting with all kinds of bacteria and viruses.That vitamin C gives strength to the immune system, which is known in pregnant women is in a weakened state.After all, they have to spend a lot of effort into, to protect and preserve the tiny life that originated inside them.

But that's not all.Lemon, you can find B vitamins that can help you get rid of the dryness of the scalp, dandruff, acne and skin irritation.Vitamin A is also responsible for a healthy and smooth skin, eyes and mucous membranes of your body.Vitamin P helps to better absorption of vitamin C. In addition vitamins

can find a lot of trace elements in a lemon.This - Potassium responsible for the heart muscle and kidney, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, molybdenum, copper, fluorine, zinc.

is no coincidence that lemon has long been given to such a significant role in the recipes of traditional medicine.With his help treat colds and various infections, constipation, indigestion.Lemon helps fight cholesterol plaques, varicose veins and other vascular diseases.Use the lemon to improve the condition of the skin, reduce wrinkles and fight bleeding, including - internal.

Can pregnant lemons

But back to the question with which we began our conversation.I can expectant mothers eat a lemon in food and drink tea with him?Of course, the lemon is among the most beneficial fruit for our bodies and for pregnant women is not only possible but also necessary to use it.After all, who but a woman expecting a child know what constipation or varicose veins.A lemon helps you to not only prevent the development of these diseases, but also greatly reduce their symptoms.It helps overcome lemon and cold, and to resist other infectious diseases.And even - to cope with toxemia.Not accidentally pregnant all the time I want to try something sour.

should only remember that lemon is a potent allergen, and therefore it is necessary to use caution to pregnant women, knowing the measure.Half a slice of lemon in a glass of tea will not hurt you.But if you notice allergic reactions, probably you will have to give it up.