Can pregnant milk or milk products

Milk, as well as any other dairy products are an important source of calcium for the human body, and so they must necessarily be included in the diet, and especially - pregnant women.It is in the childbearing period, the need of the future mother of the body for calcium increases several times.So why are there doubts about whether pregnant milk?After all, it would seem, the answer is obvious.And yet, not all that easy.

Milk - benefit or harm during pregnancy

Doubts about milk consumption by pregnant women were always doctors.The fact that the milk itself is completely full of food and it is not intended to quench their thirst.In addition, it is absorbed by the body to fully and truly brings the benefits you expect to receive from it, we must be able to drink milk right.

So, if you drink large amounts of milk in one gulp, then the case will end in that it simply will curdle in your stomach casein flakes, which treat digestive enzymes can not.This means that undigested milk will go further into the i

ntestines, because of what can happen bloating, cramps, increased flatulence and similar phenomena.It is clear that pregnant women who have digestive and so considerable complexity, it is absolutely useless.

To milk is well absorbed, it is better to drink small sips slowly, it is desirable - on an empty stomach, not immediately, but gradually slightly delaying mouth each serving.In this case, the conditions for its processing will be the best, and the body is able to assimilate all that it needs.It is also not recommended to use very cold milk, it is better if it is not colder than room temperature.

Can pregnant milk

This issue should be addressed with a personal attending physician and on an individual basis, taking into account the tolerance of milk organism individual woman.Milk is not digested by the stomach and intestines, so if you, for example, suffer from chronic constipation, it is unlikely that it would be advisable you use whole milk, which can even make the situation worse.

And what to do - you ask?Really should abandon the main natural source of calcium, as well as natural proteins, which are so necessary for the body of the developing fetus?

Not at all.But in addition to milk, there are also dairy products, which have all its advantages, while not having the disadvantages of whole milk.

So it is very useful for pregnant women to eat cheese, especially - fat.Fermented baked milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream - all this will enrich your body with all the essential amino acids, among which you will find eight amino acids that the human body is simply not produced.And, then, you can get them only with food sour milk.

Milk fat, which is also found in dairy products, charge you with energy for the whole day.In addition, it contains polyunsaturated irnye acid required for the formation of the nervous system of the baby.

And, of course calcium.Among other things because of nonfat yogurt calcium most fully absorbed by the body of the future mother.This means that three cups per day biokefir fully provide your body with the necessary amount of this trace element.That is why doctors strongly recommend that pregnant women drink milk is in the form of fermented.

kefir or yogurt, do not clog the intestines, do not overload it, in contrast to whole milk, but on the contrary, is an excellent prevention of constipation and have mild laxative effects.And, moreover, enrich the intestinal microflora beneficial bacteria, helping them to get rid of pathogenic microflora.