Can you paint the hair dye for pregnant women

Perhaps, it is difficult to find a woman who is not experimenting with her hair.Especially with their color.But things change when a woman knows about her pregnancy.Now, the woman begins to think not about his personality and how to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.And in the end?Hair grow, and their roots are ugly stand on your head, giving the expectant mother slovenly, sloppy appearance.But can a woman during pregnancy, hair dye or paint it any way that can damage the child she carries in her womb?

clear that pregnant women who look after their appearance, it is very important to get the correct answer to this question.So let's see what they think about it experts.Can you paint the hair dye for pregnant women?

What doctors say

If we talk about the purely medical side of the issue, there is nothing specific you advise doctors fail.And the thing is that no research concerning the medical aspects of hair color is simply not performed.Therefore, there is no evidence that pregnant women can be q

uite easy to paint hair paint.But, on the other hand, no one can say for sure, and that it somehow could have a negative impact on the development of your pregnancy.One can also say that it is not always the expectant mother learns about his new position immediately, sometimes it takes several weeks or even months.And all the while the woman continues to paint hair, with no harmful consequences for the child with certainty was observed.

If we talk about the physiological characteristics of the staining dye hair, we can say with certainty that even if the paint really gets on your skin, penetrates it and absorbed into the blood as a small amount of that talk about it seriously simply does notsense.But even in this case, the paint from the hair will not be able to penetrate the placenta and be absorbed into the blood of the baby.Thus, there are no medical restrictions on the hair dye for pregnant women are not available.

Can you paint the hair dye pregnant

If the medical side is no contraindication in this regard are not available, this does not mean that you can continue in the same way as you did before.And the thing that changes in your body do not occur only where the queen is.Restructuring captures it, as they say, from head to toe.For example, the changes and the work of the immune system is weakened and it usual for you to paint, suddenly can cause an allergic reaction for you.

changing and hormones in your body.Lice hair can be under its influence to change its structure, the paint can change its tone on them or, for example, to lie unevenly stained.Yes - this also happens.

For togas to look beautiful and well-groomed, pregnant women are often not enough to hair coloring.In order to return the hair its former health and strength, it is necessary to use hair masks, balms and various other means of caring.

few tips on hair dye

Firstly, despite the fact that no harmful effects on the fetus paint still has not been fixed, try to refrain from staining as long as he is not fully formed placenta.This occurs after the 12th week of pregnancy.Besides, by this time just a few riot of hormones calm down, and you can expect that you will be able to predict the result of hair coloring more precisely.

Do not use the self-coloring of cheap paint.Before making a purchase, be sure to read what is included in its composition.If you find there aminophenols, phenylenediamines, degidroksibenzol.If they are present in the paint, which means that it is unstable in a pregnant woman and can form unsightly spots.

If you carry the pungent smells bad, you better paint painted hair without the use of ammonia.Now let a lot of hypoallergenic and fairly resistant inks that can be used for pregnant women.