Can pregnant women drink mineral water and what better

Most pregnant women trying to secure their future baby everything necessary for its growth and development.They carefully calibrate their food, strictly maintaining the necessary balance of vitamins and minerals.It would seem that the question of whether pregnant women mineral water, not even worth it, because the mineral water contains many minerals and trace elements.But is it really?Let's try to understand.

What is mineral water

What is the main difference from the mineral water of the water, which we are accustomed to daily use, such as washing or cooking dinner?

The mineral water contains minerals, biologically active substances and are often characterized by a special water-specific properties - a unique chemical composition, radioactivity or high temperature, through which this water and has a therapeutic effect on the human body.Mineral water can be used to treat some diseases, with, both internally and externally.

What caused the composition of mineral water?First and foremost, of course,

it is a feature of the territory on which it takes place and where comes to the surface - geological, tectonic, and other geometric.Water as it absorbs the history of those times, which were formed in the structures and arrays - volcanic processes, marine sediments, sediment accumulation.Mineral water can make its way to the surface of the earth, in the form of separate natural sources, and with the help of a specially drilled wells, sometimes deep in kilometers.Usually on the bottles in which bottled mineral water, be sure to indicate the source of the name or number of wells in which it produced, and the depth and location.

healing effects of mineral water on the human body is achieved by means of the whole complex of the substances that are dissolved in it, as well as those specific properties that have water and are often determined by the nature of its use.For example, the Caucasian Mineral Waters, which is famous for this area can be used inside, for example - Narzan and Essentuki, and externally - for example, hydrogen sulfide Goryacheklyuchevskie hot springs.

Can pregnant women mineral water

doctors clearly believe that pregnant women are much preferred drink is mineral water, rather than, for example, lemonade or even water from the tap.It is better to choose to drink water without gas, as contained in the carbonated mineral water, carbon dioxide may cause in the second half of pregnancy is quite severe heartburn.Although in the first trimester of carbonated water helps combat toxicity.

So in western countries pregnant women are strongly recommended to drink mineral water and it is according to the statistics, there are future mothers drink during the year, together with the preparation for pregnancy, about 80 liters of mineral water, and in Italy - about 115 liters.Alas, in Russia, for some reason, the old, pregnant women prefer to quench their thirst with water from the tap, despite the possibility of its content of harmful impurities of the body.Meanwhile, has long been proven that the more a pregnant woman drinks mineral water is, the more healthy the baby is born, and the more he has immunity.

clear that drinking pregnant women should not use medicinal mineral water, which includes, for example, Essentuki, and plain dining room mineral water, which is somewhat lower salinity.Such water is absolutely safe from an environmental point of view and does not contain chlorine, which is often present in tap water.