Can pregnant women bathing in the sea and sunbathing

Summer - time for vacations and bright sun.And of course no one wants to spend their vacation, sitting in the city, and pulls on the shore of the warm sea.But is it possible for pregnant women to swim in the sea and soak up the sand?In order to get the correct answer must take into account many factors - the quality of the beach, temperature and purity of water, sanitary safety, well-being most expectant mother.Alas, pregnant women have to take care of their health, if they want to give birth to a healthy baby.

How to save the health of the sea

Well, if none of that, and you feel good, there are no obstacles to sea bathing in pregnant women does not exist.Sea water contains enough salt to any getting in her infection does not spread, and some time later perished.So the expectant mother can without any fear for himself to take the sea baths.

Pregnancy and tan

Well, with the question of whether pregnant women bathing in the sea, it seems more or less clear.But what about the bright southern sun?N

ot contraindicated if the expectant mother the sun's rays?

If you are afraid of their negative impact on the developing fetus, you are wrong.Surely you notice that after sunbathing in a person's mood improves, passes melancholy and depression.And it is no coincidence.The sun's rays as well as sea water, too, have a healing power and solar therapy used in ancient Greece to treat many diseases.In the early 20th century with the help of concentrated light rays successfully fought with some diseases, such as lupus.It is for this purpose and created the first solariums, which are now used for tanning.

So smile that appears on your face after being under the warm sun, probably will only benefit the baby, which is nestled in your tummy.

Sunbathing help you strengthen your immune system, improve metabolism in tissues and contribute to the development of your body's vitamin D, without which in pregnant women develop osteoporosis, and the developing fetus is not absorbed calcium and rickets developing infants.

course, pregnant women should not swim in the sea and sun during the hottest hours - from 11 am to 5 pm.This time it is better to wait in the shade, so as not to get skin burns or sunstroke.