Can pregnant women to treat teeth .We speak the truth

Is it really necessary during pregnancy, visit the dentist and treat teeth?Maybe you can wait a little longer?After the teeth are treated under local anesthesia, and in addition, the dentist will need to make an X-ray - as it can damage the baby.So, or something like this, reason many pregnant women, when contemplating it, go or not to go to the dentist.Meanwhile, just pregnant women need to know that is not cured in time teeth can pose to the unborn baby is much more dangerous than their visit to the dentist.Let's find out whether it is possible for pregnant women to treat teeth and when do you need?

Why expectant mother must necessarily treat teeth

Firstly, tooth decay, which many are so used to, does not so much a harmless phenomenon.And not only because it destroys your tooth and then can end his final loss.Caries is, in essence, a chronic infectious focus, which is in your mouth and spread from infectious agents throughout the body and released into the bloodstream.Not to mention the fact that

such an infection can be quite dangerous for your unborn baby, the body, which is already significantly weakened during pregnancy, forced to devote their reserve strength to withstand this infection.This means that women can manifest a variety of pregnancy complications, such as high blood pressure or late toxicosis.

In addition, whether you want to talk about what is important during pregnancy nutrition woman?Is it bad chewed food can be nutritious meals?And it is clear that the diseased or destroyed teeth chew food well you do not get.The result of this is that your baby is not getting enough building materials for their development, nutrients are poorly absorbed, starts a deficiency of vitamins and minerals.This can not but affect both the health of the woman and the health of her unborn child, because it is completely dependent on it on the state of health of the mother.

I want something else to add.Since the female hormones during pregnancy body changes greatly even for many diseases, including caries may, for example, significantly accelerated.In addition, caries may cause comorbidities mouth, such as gingivitis, stomatitis, and others.You are bleeding gums and even appear bad breath due to the breeding of bacteria there.Therefore, pregnant women should be especially careful to monitor compliance with all the rules of oral hygiene.And, of course, do not forget that the dentist should be visited at the time.

it possible to treat pregnant

teeth It is clear that no one likes to go to the dentist.However, pregnant women are often their reluctance to visit the dentist to justify, for example, the fact that at the time of carrying a child can not use anesthesia or to do an X-ray.In reality it is nothing more than myths.

course, drugs for anesthesia of past generations does not hold water, and they can not be used during dental treatment in pregnant women.They easily overcame the placental barrier and fell into the fetal blood.But progress does not stand still, and since then much has changed.Today, special preparations are designed to act exclusively on the area that needs to anesthesia and do not fall into the baby's blood.Moreover, they can not cross the placenta.

no more than a myth, and that is dangerous for pregnant women to treat the teeth because of the need to do an X-ray.Modern radiovisiographs direct rays in strictly designated area, and they can not get to the area of ​​the uterus.The more that you will protect a special lead apron.Treat your teeth and let them be faultless at the time of birth of the baby.