Can pregnant shrimp and other seafood

Of course, you all know that the fish have to be in the diet of every pregnant woman, because it contains a lot of needed future mother substances.In addition, it does not burden the stomach and is easily absorbed by the body.Is it possible to pregnant shrimp?And while most of us are very fond of all kinds of seafood, it is not surprising that there is such a question, if you remember that, with some trepidation, and what responsibility expectant mothers refer to their nutrition.

Seafood is not only delicious but also healthy food

The diet of pregnant women, there is one fairly simple rule.There is no need to immediately change the diet to which you are accustomed.And if you love shrimp and could not imagine life without them - continue to use them to health and then - with a small restriction: exclude from its supply fried, spicy, smoked or canned meals, which include this delicacy.Shrimp - a source of protein, protein, minerals and trace elements.It also provides much-needed your body amino acids

and polyunsaturated fatty acids.They take an active part in the formation and development of the body of the child, and lay practically all its systems.Including - bone brain, nervous system.And that is particularly well - all seafood, including shrimp is well absorbed by the body, for both mother and fetus, without impacting their digestive systems.

The shrimp is almost impossible to find a fat, but there are a lot of proteins and blood components to update and enrich the blood.And for those trace elements that they contain, shrimp ahead of everything meats.

How to cook shrimp

Often expectant mothers are asked not only about whether pregnant shrimp, but also how they should be prepared properly.We hasten to please you: no matter how you cooked shrimp, and whatever food they are not added, shrimp, in any case, fully retains all its beneficial properties.The only restriction, as has been said, should not be eaten, smoked or canned seafood.Also, do not add to the dish with shrimp a large number of spices.

And, of course, need to buy seafood and shrimp only in proven locations, and pay attention to how they look.If something inspires you suspect from the acquisition of such products should be discarded.

Keep in mind that the body of a pregnant woman with a special activity recycles everything that goes into it.Therefore, and toxins contained in foods are absorbed much faster.So be sure to pay attention to the shelf life, which is usually put on the pack.But buying in supermarkets shrimp in bulk - it is not necessary, there can often be faced with peresortitsu.

If you did not use before pregnancy and shrimp are not a great lover of this product, there is definitely no one forces you to use the force that you do not want.Moreover, the body of a pregnant woman he tells her exactly what he lacks at the moment, you only need to be able to listen to it.Although pregnant shrimp is really very useful, you can easily replace them with a conventional marine fish, which also contains many essential substances.And in order to provide your body with them, enough in a week to eat about 400 grams of boiled fish or baked in the oven.The most important thing to you in a good mood.