Can pregnant Mezim forte for digestive disorders

unlikely that someone unfamiliar feeling of heaviness in the stomach, for example as a result of excessive consumption of fatty foods.But the same feeling may occur due to incorrect operation of the pancreas.Whatever the reason for this sense it is evident that in your stomach currently a deficit of enzymes that promote digestion.Usually in such cases, doctors recommend to take a drug called Mezim Forte.

Pregnant women digestive problems no stranger.First, in the first trimester of pregnancy toxemia their torments, then, with an increase in uterine size, it begins to put pressure on the digestive organs, often causing crashes and work.In addition, pregnant women have to eat a lot is not always the usual products for themselves, in general, the severity and discomfort in the stomach area becomes commonplace for them.Can pregnant mezim?

How does Mezim Forte

In order to understand whether this tool can be used for pregnant women, you need to understand before, and what actually it is.If you read the a

nnotation to the drug, you will see that it consists of a concentrated pancreatic enzymes - that what you do not have enough for a full digestion.Amylase, lipase and protease which are part of pancreatin, which is the active component mezim, each individually contribute to a better digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.Produced Mezim of enzymes that produce the pancreas of pigs and shelter, and special admixtures enhance their impact.Mezim Forte can be produced both as tablets and capsules.

drug works very simply.The tablet enters the stomach, where it dissolves the shell, and the enzymes are released and begin to work, enhancing the process of digestion of food located in the stomach.

Can pregnant Mezim Forte

If you read the annotation to the drug, you will see that there are no contraindications to the mezim during pregnancy there is not specified.But for a better understanding of the process should be a closer look at its practical application.

Mezim taken immediately after a meal, washed down with warm water.What dose should be used will depend on what, in fact, the result you want to achieve.If you need to get rid of the one-time arisen heaviness in the stomach, it is likely that you have enough with just one pill.If you need more serious treatment, for example, in the case of acute pancreatitis or pancreatic dysfunction, the drug is taken several times a day 1 tablet, at least - two.

some individual investigations about how it affects the body Mezim future mother still was not done.Perhaps that is why doctors are suspicious of this drug and are reluctant to prescribe it to pregnant women.If you find a young and insufficiently experienced doctor, and he may be afraid at all to write you this means not wanting to take on such responsibility.Although much will depend on the individual characteristics of the body of a pregnant woman, and how exactly it takes place, whether there are some complications.

If you understand, then a part of Fort mezim no synthetic components - only naturally occurring enzymes with the addition of lactose and some minerals.And although there is nothing that could have some negative impact on the course of your pregnancy, but a clear answer whether it is possible to take Mezim Forte expectant mothers, perhaps, no one can.