We are going on vacation .Can pregnant women to fly in an airplane

Pregnant women are exactly the same life as everyone else.And, of course, they sometimes have to travel.And do not always want to shake for days on end, even in the comfort of the train, the more that is not always the case and such an opportunity - for example, when traveling to some of the island.Nevertheless, it is clear, and that pregnant women should think about the peculiarities of their situation and whether it is possible for pregnant women to fly in an airplane.

Why people do not fly like birds

This question is from that time, asked his classic mouth of his heroine, did not lose its relevance.But pregnant women have to reckon with the fact that not every company will be ready to take them on board.The rules of a particular carrier may be recorded that up to a certain specified period no restrictions on the expectant mothers are not covered, but the further they have to submit when climbing on board a certificate from the attending physician, where the date would be specified when you are su

pposed birth.And if to it is less than a certain time, then you can not sit on the plane.

However, there is some general rules, each company-carrier, these terms may be his.And no one can compel it to take on board a pregnant woman, if she does not fit in this range.

most liberal these rules are Aeroflot.It just so happened since the Soviet era that no special restrictions on the transport of pregnant women, it did not exist, and moreover, any flight attendant is qualified to provide you with obstetric care, if the need arises.

Can pregnant women to fly in an airplane

Before gather in some trip, be sure to consult with your attending physician.Because often the question is not even about whether it is possible to fly pregnant, specifically, whether it is possible for you to fly.

If you do not have any complications of pregnancy, the first trimester is already behind us, and before the start of the third still have enough time, then, the doctor probably will not object to your trip.If anything it will inspire fear, then you certainly will advise what should be done in order to protect themselves during the flight, or, which is also quite possible, advise to use another form of transport.

Why fly pregnant undesirable

first trimester of pregnancy, when a woman is not yet fully aware of the condition and does not feel her pregnancy to the full, however, from the point of view of some experts, it is not suitable for flight, even more so -long.It is believed that they may trigger a termination of pregnancy or any anomaly in fetal development at this time.

I must say that in general, doctors are not too happy to include flights term pregnant women.There is a strong opinion that under the influence of air pressure changes can occur fetal membrane rupture, preterm labor, especially in the later stages.Moreover, as known, at higher altitudes the air may sometimes contain an insufficient amount of oxygen for a future mother, and it is, of course, it is not the best effect on the fetal condition.

Finally, just the very fact that a pregnant woman has quite a long time to be in one place, in an airplane seat, without the possibility of somehow stretch their legs or properly change the position in terms of interior artificial atmosphere is not always a comfortable temperature or pressure -all this suggests that pregnant women to fly is highly undesirable.Of course, in most cases, flights terminate successfully, but, on the other hand, labor and also on board the aircraft are not something surprising.