Can pregnant women eat honey

Honey, is certainly one of the most useful products that exist in nature.And not for nothing that month, which follows immediately after the wedding, called honey.The fact that it is hard to feed honey to ensure that they could conceive of a strong and healthy child in the old days the newlyweds.This product is truly unique, and yet no one can say exactly how he can affect positively in all respects to the body.But is it possible for pregnant women Honey?Because we all know the fact that honey has very high allergenicity.

What is the secret of honey

Scientists have long noticed one amazing feature of this gift of nature.Its composition is very similar to the composition of human plasma.Perhaps therein lies its unique healing properties.

Honey helps to fight against the common cold, which is especially important for pregnant women - because they can not take any of synthetic drugs.Thus, treatment with honey is almost the only option that you can afford.

Yes, indeed, excessive use of honey can cause

allergies - it's too much of it is useful substances.But allergies can cause any fruit or vegetable - it does not mean that pregnant women need to completely abandon their use.You just need to comply with the measure of all.

So with honey.In order to have not appeared on it not a negative reaction should daily eat no more than 50 grams of this healing nectar.It is about 3 tablespoons.And it would be better if you eat them at once - and drag fun for a few times.

Just remember that honey - it is a living product and if you stir it with hot water or hot tea and its medicinal properties greatly reduced, if not disappear.So if you want to add honey to drink, the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

The same applies crystallized honey.Some guides recommend dissolve it by heating in a water bath.This can be done only if the water is not hot, and warm.Although, in principle, you can use honey and candied.Harm from it will not be exact.

Can pregnant honey

As already mentioned, honey for pregnant women is a real saving in the case of many diseases.Honey helps fight colds and flu, teaspoon of honey will help you to cope with a bout of morning toxicity, though honey is a good prevention of late toxicosis.

Honey stimulates blood circulation in the uterus and placenta, and therefore provides a future baby considerably more oxygen and nutrients.This honey itself is simply an indispensable food for your baby - honey provides pregnant almost all the necessary for their substances.

Honey strengthens the immune system of the future mother, resulting in normal blood pressure, helps prevent varicose veins and combat existing varicose veins during pregnancy, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and making it smooth and elastic.But - not only vessels.Honey helps to relax the smooth muscles of the uterus, lymph flow accelerates and strengthens the bronchi, helping them to be cleansed of toxins.With a weak labor woman inject honey solution.Such injection helps maintain the body mothers, weakened by long and difficult birth is better than any glucose.Honey is pregnant is not only possible but also necessary to use, of course, pi no individual contraindications.Therefore, if you are in doubt - consult your doctor.