Can pregnant women lie on your back .Tips expectant mothers

Even in the early stages of pregnancy a woman starts anxiously awaiting, when it will have a huge belly and it becomes difficult to move.And towards the end of the period she completely forgets about it, because the change in her figure is seamless and it can be easily adapted to it.However, pregnant women should take into account the features of the current situation, and know what you can and can not do, whether it is possible for pregnant women to lie on your back or bending over, ride a bike or walk better.But today we want to talk about just exactly how to lie to pregnant

As lie pregnant

Perhaps, you first need to talk just about this, because it is lying Pregnant woman spends a considerable part of his life.She needs to sleep better, and in the afternoon, and then the expectant mother allows herself to lie down, for example, read, or watch your favorite movie on TV.

optimal posture for pregnant women is the position on the right side.Thus the position is reached when all the bodies are in th

e best position for themselves and do not interfere with each other.For your convenience, you can put a blanket between her legs and a small pillow.This achieves the best possible relaxation and body completely relaxes.

Many women before pregnancy like to lie on his stomach.But since the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy, it is better not to do because by this time the belly has markedly increased, and the bones of the pelvic no longer protect the uterus.And turning over in the belly you have on it a lot of pressure with their weight.However, even if you accidentally turn over in his sleep on your stomach, it's still not a reason to panic, because the uterus is good enough to protect the unborn child, in addition, there is still amniotic bladder and the amniotic fluid, so that nothing bad will happen.

To pregnant was easier to control himself, can be tummy it is still not large enough to enclose the pad itself, and as it is increasing you do stop to roll onto his stomach, as you will simply inconvenient.

Can pregnant women lie on your back?

It would seem - that can be dangerous in this position?Meanwhile, all of you, of course, have heard more than once that pregnant women to go to bed is not recommended on the back.And indeed it is.It turns out here, to be exact - on the lower back is held one of the major blood vessels of the human body - a large hollow Vienna, in which the blood from the legs is sent back to the heart muscle, and so when she pinched the weight of the uterus pressing on it, the body of the mother herself and the unborn childthere may be oxygen deficiency syndrome.

Of course, this only occurs in the later stages, when the uterus is already quite large and heavy, and can be as much as necessary to any negative consequences it will not lead in the first trimester of pregnancy, lying on your back.Whereas in the second half of pregnancy, expectant mothers begin to clearly feel the aching pain in the lumbar region, and sometimes they, noticeably out of breath when they lie on

back, but in contrast to the posture on the stomach, when to roll in this position for pregnant women prevent the increased insizes, and plays for the pubic bone turn over in his sleep, in order not to be tempted to roll over on his back, and just to make it easier, expectant mothers can make additional blankets small cushion and enclose the night itself him in the back.Of course, you strongly need a good mattress, and pillow under his head also must be large enough and comfortable.Lying is recommended no more than a few minutes on the back pregnant.