Can pregnant women be painted .How to choose makeup

If not so long ago, a pregnant woman was forced to limit myself even applying makeup, in our days, the question of whether expectant mothers to be painted, the vast majority of physicians in the affirmative.Modern pregnant woman calmly uses all the achievements of fashion and hairdressing art.And of course, she skillfully uses cosmetics.In general, it has all the conditions in order to maintain peace of mind, happy to look in the mirror.Although, of course, first of all, it should look at their makeup.And - to overestimate it.And find out whether it is possible for pregnant women to be painted at all and, if so, what kind of makeup?

What makeup painted pregnant

During pregnancy, a woman will have to put aside many of the familiar to her means of decorative cosmetics.The fact that the hormones that are now playing first violin in her body, can significantly distort the final result, which she would like to receive.Cosmetics, which can be painted a pregnant woman should contain a minimum set of flavor

s and pigments, provided that it is composed of natural ingredients and be hypoallergenic.Less than it would be synthetic components, the better.

Many masks and scrubs you can make yourself at home.An important advantage of such tools is that you can be absolutely sure that they contain only natural ingredients.

Incidentally, many cosmetics that are made for pregnant women already take into account the characteristics of the skin of the future mother and take care of it on the basis of these features.These tools help to deal with stretch marks, prevent hyperpigmentation, or at least significantly reduce their appearance.

from public funds should be abandoned

Asked whether pregnant painted, not to mention what it means to have time off your makeup.

means with retinol

Retinol - is vitamin A, which is known to be at high doses is contraindicated in the developing baby.Therefore, if your skin cream or cosmetics containing this ingredient, it should be during pregnancy remove from your beautician.Pregnant woman should receive vitamin A is still smaller than the child - no more than 100 microns.

Products that contain salicylic acid

creams, scrubs and foam to cleanse oily skin, acne and blackheads often contain this component.I must say that in general all anti-bacterial agents can cause pregnancy complications and birth defects in the child.So even if you do have problems with acne and pimples, just forget about it all the time carrying a child.Again, do your skin, you can only after you have finished breast feed.Do not expose it to such danger.

Tanning based Degidroksiatsetona.

It penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream of the future mother.There is a theory according to which Degidroksiatseton may cause disturbances of DNA chains.Verne or not, it is not necessary to check on their own child.It is better to wait a bit.


any cosmetic products having this form from deodorants and finishing hair lacquers.The fact that the means to control the amount virtually impossible using sprays you inhaled.Use mousse and ball shape.


It is known that pregnant women often suffer from increased pigmentation of the skin and often expectant mothers try to remove it by using bleaching agents.They are produced by glutathione or hydroquinone which act directly on the skin melanin and its producing enzymes.However, pregnant women painted by such means absolutely contraindicated, as they adversely affect the formation of the fruit skin.

Just wait until the end of pregnancy, and is mask the dark spots using hypoallergenic foundation.And try to rarely happen on the sun, because under the influence of UV pigmentation only intensified.