How to teach a child to solve the examples from the textbook on mathematics ?

"My child, in the second grade, I'll never know how to explain his decision examples." All things are going well, but the math "- told me familiar After all, we all know it and know how to birth, and that what we were taught.and they themselves believed already forgotten a long time calculator to help us but the children-we do not say, and here we sit we are for example the decision Honestly, I recently had the chance -.... to teach the child to solve examples

Consider algorithmmode of action, responding to the question "how to teach the child to solve the examples".

Firstly, the vote of the child possible. Sometimes the child is well pits and subtraction ends in tears. Then, you have all of your "training" being given subtraction andadding only fixes Check to see if the child understands the difference between the number and the number of digits -.. this unit counting 1,2,3 .. 9, the rest -. All of numbers consist of a number of digits -. is a quantitative characteristic, and the numbers - symbols

taken to mean an amount.Thus, all the actions we make with the numbers and write numbers.If your child is difficult all actions with numbers, starting from scratch.Take candy, buttons, pencils and begin to clearly explain the difference between plus and minus.

Personal training - a sequence.First, we teach, child working with a dozen, then move on to the 2nd tens.It is necessary that the child understood the principle of solutions of examples.Then he and hundreds will not deliver a hassle.It is very common among young mothers "and computer games for children's education."I only "for", but know the measure.Of course, it's great that your child became interested in mathematical games, but from an early age to teach it to your computer, all the same it is not necessary.With the pace of modern life, it is from him, so in ten years will not depart.Although, I admit, it greatly facilitates training and saves time.There is a remarkable curriculum of mathematics "Elementary classes. Mathematics" Lessons of Cyril and Methodius "Theme painted on all the classes in an accessible form. The child unconsciously transferred from the account within ten on the account within a hundred. If you decide to make visual material themselves andyou have the power and desire to engage in this kind of creativity, please, for the beginning fashioned sticks, then rope, boxes, cups and cards. Directly, cards with examples.

Remember, only one, if you are going to teach the child themselves, read more than onetraining manual before the training, otherwise erroneous knowledge inherent in the beginning, it will be difficult to correct later.