How to determine the child's flat feet

Flat feet - a typical, and one of the simplest problem of foot deformities.It can be inherited or acquired.Before you define the flat a child, you need to wait until his foot is formed.The fact that the development of clear pathology to be seen only after the baby will be on foot.If you are afraid of something or is in doubt, you should go to the orthopedist, and he will diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Remember that early on you need not try to determine the child's flat feet.Since it is fraught with brake development of the child and possibly much bigger problems.There are doubts, go to the doctor.But the topic that may cause doubt, it is necessary to talk.

few tips on how to identify a child's flat feet:

The first thing that can cause fear it directly form the arch.If your child is already walking confidently and cherished deepening has not appeared, is to go to the doctor.Perhaps you do not choose the right shoes, maybe it is a violation of the formation of the foot.

Follow gait baby.If his f

eet toed, and it rests on the inside of the foot, it speaks about violation of gait and possible development of flatfoot.At the same time find out what the cause, and that the investigation will not be possible - will need to be treated all at once.

If on foot, in a place where there should be a recess formed bulge - sound an alarm.This is clearly a problem, speaking in favor of flat feet and solve it will need serious methods.

There is a simple test that will appeal to fidget and help you determine a child's flat feet.Take a watercolor.And the big brush razrisuy baby foot.Laughter is much like a child game.Then take his armpits and place on a sheet of paper.Make sure that he stood straight and head held straight.After lift it and move to another location.If the drawing stack is typical, and the paint is not imprinted in place anatomically caused deepening, the flatfoot have no child.Perhaps somewhat weakened muscles or just he slozhёn.

Also, the child with flat feet less frisky, he moves awkwardly, slower than peers.Sick children often complain of pain in the legs, due to improper weight distribution.

visited a podiatrist, you can not only an accurate diagnosis, but also to ask for themselves, how to identify a child's flat feet at home.The doctor probably will tell you the answer, and tell how to avoid this problem.