Can pregnant women to paint nail varnish

pregnant woman faced with an incredible amount of prohibitions that begins to doubt in everything.Well, for example - you can paint your nails during pregnancy?And indeed, there is much to ponder, because the nail polish and other related manicure contain substances that can hardly be called good for health of the child.Let us see whether it is possible for pregnant women to paint your nails?

whether the varnish on women's health affects her unborn child

Nail polish is usually done on the basis of toluene, camphor and formaldehyde.If these substances by evaporation in large quantities fall into the respiratory tract of women, they can have a toxic effect and actually cause harm to the body.Moreover, if a woman is expecting a baby, then it turns out to be harmful for him.That is why the question arises whether the expectant mother to paint the nails.We hasten to please you.During the time until you apply the coating, none of these substances does not have time to stand in a sufficient amount ca

use significant damage to your body.Therefore, there are no objective grounds to prohibit paint your nails to pregnant women does not exist.


Pregnancy affects absolutely all your body's cells, including the nails.And that impact can be very different.Since some women may be happy to note that their nails during pregnancy significantly improved its structure, strengthened, and began to grow much faster.Another is pregnant have to celebrate with bitterness that their nails become weak, began to break or stratify, and their growth has slowed significantly.

Before applying the decorative coating, be sure to take care of nail care, protect them with special tools, turn in your diet more foods containing calcium and other essential your nails vitamins and minerals.

Can pregnant paint nails

possible, but you need to carefully reconsider conventional varnishes, which you have used before, and leave only issued by well-known and well-established manufacturers.Also, if you have previously used the funds polish remover with acetone, then now is the time to completely reject them.Use the liquid nail polish remover without acetone content.

wary of procedure nails gel or acrylic, as well as to strengthen their data resources.The fact is that the materials and tools that are used for this procedure can cause allergies, especially in pregnant women.It is especially important to heed this advice in the early months of pregnancy, when there is not formed the placenta and the baby is laid for future enforcement.

To paint your nails, use only high-quality and proven tools, not forgetting to ventilate the room in which you are.

Can I painted nails come to the hospital

in hospitals have their own rigidly dictated by and abide by the rules.In addition, the institution in which the mother and child should be ready at any time to provide all necessary assistance, up to a full set of resuscitation.

Quite often is connected to the mother's fingers needed sensors that constantly monitor her condition.After giving birth, a woman has to feed him, to express milk, constantly engaged in personal hygiene and long course, or just varnished nails that only hinder.

In addition, the varnish tends to crack and peel off with nail smallest particles.This sterile hospital is simply unacceptable.

Given all these reasons, pregnant women, especially in the last weeks of pregnancy is strongly not recommended to paint the nail varnish to in case of emergency, you do not have to spend time on his removal.