Be beautiful .Can pregnant women to dye hair

Coloring hair during pregnancy - this topic is probably really will be eternal.After all, a woman in any state is a woman and she really wants to look beautiful.But, at the same time, and in any case the expectant mother does not want to damage something the child, which should soon be born.Therefore, whether it is possible for pregnant women to dye hair - it is urgent and vital issue for the vast majority of women.And if we add to this and the number of superstitions that are linked to this issue, it becomes clear that this subject has long required by imperative to clarify.

Coloring hair during pregnancy - why not?

Why is believed that pregnant women in any case can not color my hair?This is due to the assumption that the toxic substances that are in the paint, somehow can enter the mother's blood, and from there - in the fetal blood.However, this opinion is absolutely wrong and nothing is not based.Science does not support such a possibility, but in practice not a single instance of the paint pene

trate somehow through the hair or skin in the mother's body and led to the development of abnormalities in an unborn baby.And if watching a specialist in prenatal pochemu-to advises you to refrain from hair coloring, then, as a rule, it is not because he has serious grounds for such a ban, but just, just in case he decides to insure, believing thatexcessive caution has not hurt anyone.

Can pregnant dye hair

In principle, no special restrictions, as you already understood, in this connection does not exist, and dye your hair or not, you can decide on their own, depending on how you feel.

If you suffer from severe toxicity or carry sharp or strong odors, you should not force yourself to feel and whether you will be able to pass this test.And, of course, do not expose your body danger, if you have an allergy to hair dye or any of its components.This will cause your immune system to work with a vengeance, and it simply can not survive.As a result, you can get sick, unable to cope with the banal infection.

Possible features coloring hair during pregnancy

should be understood that during pregnancy your body undergoes almost complete restructuring of the hormone, which is why at the time of hair coloring you can wait for a variety of surprises.For example, if you've safely used any particular paint and were very happy with the result, it does not mean that will also now.

It is strongly recommended that every time before using to try to not be shown if you have an allergic reaction even at many times to use the paint.In addition, many manufacturers advance warning that can not guarantee a desired result for pregnant women.Since the advance is difficult to say how it will respond to your hair, you get the expected color or whether the necessary uniformity of dyeing.And if you find yourself unhappy with the result, the blame for this is, obviously, not paint, and only a game of hormones in your body.

If you are afraid to use the paint on the basis of the chemical components or fear that the paint had somehow absorbed into the skin, use for dyeing natural dyes hair, or did not fully paint the whole hair and make, for example, highlighting through a cap.So you can be sure that the paint will not fall exactly on the skin.