Can pregnant women to breastfeed her second child

How is it can be - you ask?Meanwhile, there is nothing surprising in this conflict.For many women firmly believe that as long as they breastfeed, the new pregnancy they are not threatened, and are not protected at the time of sexual intercourse.As a result, six months and does not pass, and new mother learns that she is pregnant again.That and are born children the same age.But what if you can during pregnancy to feed the new first child feeding?

The vast majority of nursing mothers tend to quickly transfer the baby to bottle-feeding.In some cases, it actually turns out to be the most reasonable, while a whole rush to excommunication should not be the first child from the breast.

Can pregnant women to breastfeed her second child?

Let's look at the different situations in order to decide on the matter.

If the difference between the beginning of a new pregnancy and previous births is low and the birth of a new baby is expected.When the first baby turns a year, then the best solution is to continue br

eastfeeding up to the birth of a new baby, and even for some time after that.Such feeding in medicine is called a tandem and in fact, it is no different from feeding twins.

So if you do not want to interrupt so suddenly come a new pregnancy, can breathe a sigh of relief, and with good reason to continue breastfeeding her baby.This does not affect the course of a new pregnancy.

Another question, if the time of occurrence of the new pregnancy, first child is big enough, he was six months or more, and at the time of birth of her second baby, he definitely will not be in need of breastfeeding.Then perhaps it makes sense to start a gradual weaning him from the chest, especially if you are going to do, and so it is.But hurry this is not necessary, you may well continue breastfeeding even for a few months, as long as you do not need tough physically because of the size of your baby.

Feeding baby during pregnancy

Thinking about how you can and pregnant women to breastfeed, should first take care of the full power and the mother of her to have time for a rest.It is very important to a woman's body is not exhausted, and she had to produce enough milk.According to the physical condition of a woman who is breastfeeding during pregnancy, it reminds one that bears multiple pregnancy.Therefore home need to understand her condition and take most of the concerns for the care of the first child.

In some cases, feeding still have to stop.First of all, it must be done in the case of a pregnant woman is shown very strong toxicosis.The fact that the symptoms of this condition and your child are transmitted through breast milk.It may also start vomiting.He is capricious and do not feel bad.Fortunately, this phenomenon does not occur often, but entirely write off is also impossible.

should stop breast-feeding and the threat of spontaneous abortion.Normally, the uterus does not respond to oxytocin, produced as a result of stimulation of the nipples during breastfeeding, and the vast majority of women finish feeding the child safely to the end of pregnancy.But in some cases it is necessary, on the insistence of doctors to stop feeding.

In general, you must take into account the results of and one, and a second child.Remember that the first baby needs your care, attention, and milk in the same way as the one that just has to be born.

Now that you know whether it is possible for pregnant women to breastfeed her second child and how to organize it.