Can pregnant women eat nettles

Nettle, it's just a plant, of which we can say with good reason, it is familiar to every one hundred pain.Perhaps it is impossible to find a person who would never burned on the dark green leaves.And how does the tenacity vacationers expel it from their sites.But of what benefit the properties of this plant is unpretentious, not everyone knows.Although few will refuse expertly cooked soup from fresh nettle, especially - in the spring.Is it possible to pregnant nettle?Let us take a closer look it is unusual ordinary plant.

Oh, nettle.

Nature with extreme generosity bestowed upon it, at first glance, such an unpleasant and unassuming plant.Here you can find a very rich vitamin and mineral composition, which helps strengthen the body and to overcome many diseases.First and foremost, of course, is the B vitamins that are rarely found in plants.Then, vitamins E, K, carotene, which is converted in the body into vitamin A, and volatile organic acids.Vitamin C is much greater than in the apples and even lemo


contains sulfur, barium, manganese, copper, iron, aluminum, calcium, potassium.And all the vitamins and minerals contained here in high enough quantities, which allows doctors to recommend decoctions and infusions of nettle in many diseases.And, of course nettle could be especially useful for pregnant women, who are so in need of strengthening your body and support the immune system.

Nettle is used to treat pain in the muscles and spine, including radiculitis and rheumatism.It is fashionable to be used both as a decoction for grinding and a broom in the sauna Russian bath.It is thus removed joint and muscle pain our ancestors, who have not even heard of some pharmaceutical preparations for this purpose.

Broth nettle helps combat bleeding, because it promotes more rapid blood clotting.That is why women recommend it in case of heavy and painful menstruation.But if you suffer from thrombosis or other similar blood diseases, then you definitely need to be careful with nettles to make the blood has not yet even more dense.

Can pregnant nettle

If you ask the experts, you can suddenly hear different opinions.While acknowledging the undoubted healing and tonic properties of this plant, the doctors say that the decoction of nettle can improve the tone of the uterus, and this in turn can lead to premature delivery or abortion.

Nevertheless, there is ample evidence that when expectant mothers are not even aware of such a possibility and appetite otkushivali nettle soup, especially what is called, in ohotku.And - nothing for them it was not.

Incidentally, there is also an opinion that nettle during pregnancy even helpful because it has essential tonic properties.It tones up the heart and blood vessels, prevents anemia and kidney infections.So, the view as you can see, on this subject were divided

If everything proceeds normally, and there is no threat to the pregnancy, uterine hypertonus and other complications, you can get a plate of nettle soup without any consequences for themselves.Most importantly - do not get too carried away.Can pregnant women eat salad and fresh leaves of the plant, but the decoction of nettle probably take still do not need.In any case, be sure to use consult the attending physician and follow his instructions.