Can pregnant Sauerkraut

Cabbage, especially pickled, has always been in the Russian traditional and favorite snack.She ate her put on the table during the holidays, it is treated and, if the need arose.And this love is not gone so far, in many families, if not kvass cabbage alone, I often buy it in stores or markets.At the same time it is known that pregnant women constantly pulls on salty and sauerkraut is very helpful.Is it possible to pregnant Sauerkraut?Is there not in it some substances or elements that may adversely affect the unborn baby's health?

How useful sauerkraut

no wonder that our ancestors gave a preference for this dish.It turns out that in sauerkraut contains large amounts of vitamin C, which is an excellent antioxidant and helps to cope well with a variety of viral diseases.This helps him selenium, which also removes harmful substances from the body and strengthens its immune defenses.Sauerkraut is an excellent side dish and appetizer because contributes to a better absorption of various substances that y

ou get from other foods.So that cabbage helps the better absorption of iron to prevent anemia in pregnant women and provides a good supply of oxygen to the placenta.

Folic acid, also found in sauerkraut, promotes the formation of new cells in the body, vitamin B6 facilitates the processing and assimilation of proteins, and vitamin K, the content of which sauerkraut deservedly be called a champion, you need a future pregnancy birth, since he helpsblood clot better, and thus prevents the formation of bleeding.

Sauerkraut helps pregnant women and in the fight against toxicosis because it relieves nausea.Niacin, magnesium and zinc, which are contained in the sauerkraut, maintained in excellent condition nails and hair.

If you eat before you eat two spoonfuls of this wonderful snack, then you will have no heartburn, normalize digestion, less will appear bloating and constipation.By the way, sauerkraut is a wonderful tool to restore the intestinal flora, it kills bacteria and, on the contrary, promotes the growth of beneficial.

Can pregnant cabbage

pregnancy is not only possible but also necessary to use this valuable food product.As you can see, in sauerkraut contains many useful elements and it has incredible features and useful properties.However, pregnancy is for a woman to a special period, when it is with extreme caution must be suitable for products that she uses.And it is right.So, if you eat uncontrollably sauerkraut, even the most remarkable of its quality may be useless or even turn into its opposite.

For example, if you eat sauerkraut in too large quantities, it can cause flatulence and bloating.Because sauerkraut contains large amounts of acid, instead of the normalization of digestion, it can lead to indigestion, gastritis.Do not use it and if you have kidney disease, stomach ulcers, or simply increased acidity, hypertension.

For a softer effect on the body, pregnant women can not eat cabbage itself, and its pickle because it has almost all the most valuable qualities of cabbage.