Can pregnant women drink coffee and how much

understood that the caffeine contained in coffee has on the human body a certain physiological effect.That's just what it is?If you understand this question, you can try to understand and then, whether pregnant coffee and why doctors do not recommend pregnant women do.

In fact, depending on the specific situation effects of caffeine can be assessed in different ways.If you feel weakness, drowsiness, fall in blood pressure and you have a headache, it is likely the influence of caffeine in this case is positive.In the same case.If you already overexcited and pressures have increased, the coffee you can only hurt.And you'd better drink warm milk with honey, calm down and go to sleep.

is why she and the other point of view, it has the right to exist, though each is not only supporters but also enemies.And what can we say about pregnant women?

Influence of coffee on the fetus

Indeed, quite a number of modern women simply can not imagine their life without coffee.And when they find out about her pregnan

cy, it does not always find the strength to give up your favorite beverage.Meanwhile, the daily consumption of coffee in large quantities as clearly demonstrated by research, is:

caffeine quite easily crosses the placenta and causes excitation of the unborn child, increased heart rate and other symptoms associated with excessive caffeine consumption.At the same time the child's body has not adapted to the effects of this drug, therefore the consequences for him are difficult to predict.There is intoxication, and there are a variety of intrauterine diseases, such as diabetes.

Influence of coffee on the future mother

Caffeine is found in many medicinal agents, in particular against hypotension or headaches.In fact, the World Health Organization puts the caffeine in a row with narcotic drugs, as its long-term use causes dependence similar to dependence on amphetamines.Caffeine easily penetrates the blood of a pregnant woman and is carried on all the vital organs in just a few minutes.One-time intake of caffeine does not bring any harm, but his constant use leads to the fact that the body simply can no longer cope with their problems on their own, without caffeine a woman develops fatigue and irritation may appear swelling, heartburn, heart rhythm disturbances, hypotension, and other symptoms, depending.It is necessary to drink a cup of coffee as everything comes back to normal, but after its effect ends, everything will be repeated again and again.

But worst of all, coffee inhibits absorption by the body of such an important element during pregnancy as calcium.This leads to tooth decay and the development in pregnant women have osteoporosis.

Can pregnant coffee

Thus, summarizing the above, we can say that large amounts of coffee during pregnancy is extremely undesirable and even harmful.But this does not mean that you need to give up their favorite drink in full, although it would be possible and useful.Doctors have found that one cup of instant coffee a day does not bring much harm either, the mother or her unborn child.Exceed this dose for pregnant women still do not.And the rest of the day you can drink to taste like coffee but not caffeine-free chicory, which, moreover, has significant beneficial qualities.