Can pregnant drops in a nose drip at a cold

Choose safe nasal drops for the expectant mother is not such an easy task, and many, many pharmaceutical companies periodically report that they were able, finally, to create such a drug.In fact, pregnant women are not always required some special drops, often because pregnant rhinitis is associated only with the hormonal changes that occur in their body.But the common cold may be other reasons, such as allergies or a cold.In this case, it is necessary to somehow fight.

The difficulty lies in the fact that pregnant women can take only a very limited number of drugs, as they may damage the child, especially in the first trimester, when the baby is still almost nothing is not protected.Therefore it is very important that the appointment of these drugs worked only an experienced specialist.Let's find out whether pregnant nose drops?

How dangerous rhinitis in pregnant

In fact, the danger is not in the common cold, but in the disease, a symptom of which he can be.Since all viruses pose a significant ris

k to pregnant women, especially at a time when there is a formation of systems and organs of the baby, and the placental barrier.

But even if the runny nose is caused by just hormonal changes, it interferes with breathing, which means that the expectant mother begins to be used for mouth breathing, thus inhaled air passes through the position of the path, not warmed, and is not cleared bydust and germs contained in it.In addition, the respiratory deficiency leads to a deficiency of oxygen in the blood and then after some time, the fetus may develop fetal hypoxia.

Can pregnant nose drops

As already mentioned, all medical drugs during pregnancy should be administered only by a physician.The drops in the nose, for all their apparent harmlessness, all are not.Therefore it is better not to use pregnant drops, and saline solutions, which can wash out the nose.For example - or akvamaris Salin, which can be purchased in almost any drugstore.

Often doctors recommend expectant mothers to deal with a runny nose with the help of the drug, which is called Pinosol.It contains only natural components - these are essential oils of some plants and grasses.This drug does not narrow the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa, does not worsen its condition, and restores and moisturizes it.

Euphorbium or EDAS-131, which you can find in homeopathic pharmacies, are also allowed to receive during pregnancy.However, not always they can be used to achieve the desired effect.Much will depend on the individual characteristics of your body.

Another excellent natural and harmless for pregnancy means - it is the juice of Kalanchoe plants, which grows in many pots on the windowsill.Three drops in each nostril three times daily - and rhinitis as a hand shoots.

Which drops are contraindicated for pregnant

extreme caution, or better yet - do not use nose drops containing xylometazoline.It - Xymelin, Dlyanos, Galazolin.Do not use the drops also based nafazolina: Naphthyzinum, Sanorin.All these drugs have a vasoconstrictor action that may result in pregnant edema of the nasal mucosa, and in more severe cases - and nasopharynx.Therefore, you can use them only in exceptional cases, the appointment of a doctor, and if all the other drugs do not help.

absolutely contraindicated in pregnant preparations containing oxymetazoline: Fervex, Nazol, Nazivin, Fasini.