Can pregnant enema and how to make

Pregnant women often have problems with bowel cleaning.This occurs for several reasons - and because of the body's hormonal changes, and because of their weight that the uterus begins to push on the stomach, intestines and diaphragm.At the same time, during pregnancy most women begins to move lower, making it more difficult digestion and provokes constipation.Meanwhile, clean the intestine during pregnancy is particularly important, because the toxic substances, which are distinguished from it, poisoning not only the mother but also the fetus.

Under normal circumstances, if you can not cope with constipation, the bowels well help enema.But is it possible for pregnant enema?Before taking such a decision, be sure to consult with the attending physician.

How to cope with constipation during pregnancy

As already mentioned, constipation in pregnant women occur quite regularly.But before resorting to such radical means as an enema, you should try to somehow normalize the bowels.For example, using the pow

er adjustment.Include in your diet rye bread, more fresh fruits and vegetables, sauerkraut, beets, prunes, dried apricots.Be sure before bedtime drink a glass of fresh yogurt.You can additionally pour into it a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Since constipation is often caused by a sedentary lifestyle, try to move more, for example, to do physical therapy for pregnant women, swimming, water aerobics.Simply more walk in the fresh air, it is also very helpful.Do not forget about the usual exercises in the morning.

If, despite all efforts, the work of the intestine not getting any better and constipation continue to torment you, talk to your doctor, maybe you will register a mild laxative, such Guttalaks.In any case, the decision on how to tackle this problem must be taken strictly individually.

Can pregnant enema

The trouble is that the enema is not such a harmless procedure, as it may seem at first glance.It increases peristalsis, sets it in motion and at the same time can result in the tone of the uterus during pregnancy that can be very dangerous.Therefore, an enema can not in any case do those women who have diagnosed a condition called habitual miscarriage.Enema contraindicated and threatened abortion, and still in some certain cases.

Enema in late pregnancy can cause internal organs to the discomfort.After all, they are already under considerable pressure huge and heavy uterus.Therefore, excess fluid introduced into the body, can only exacerbate the situation, which is so difficult for the woman's body.Finally, an enema can simply bring the infection into a woman's genitals, which, as you know, is extremely undesirable during pregnancy.

That is why, enema can be done strictly on prescription, and exactly follow his instructions.

How do pregnant women need an enema

preferred to do it with the help of a large rubber bulb, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Heat the water until it was warm, but, in any case, not hot.Pregnant women should not use drugs without the consent of a doctor.

Fill the bulb, lubricate it with Vaseline tip, lie on your left side and insert enema tip into the rectum.

Carefully enter the water and lie as long as you will not have the urge to defecate.Then you can get up and go to the toilet.