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New Zealand.It is this distant and mysterious country gave us a little, as if covered with a green coat fruit called kiwi.And whether it is possible to use the expectant mothers, who are especially careful in all that relates to food.If you ask about it from your doctor, it is difficult to predict what kind of response you get.Some doctors strongly recommend that pregnant kiwi, scaring them the appearance of allergies, while others, on the contrary, believe that this fruit with the bird name can help solve many health problems.

Can pregnant kiwi - Use

course, you can understand the doctors who adhere to the first negative point of view.It is based on the fact that the kiwi is too exotic fruit for our northern latitudes.And not every body perceives it positively, sometimes it takes some additional adaptation.Many do believe that food should be consumed only those fruits that grow in the middle lane - for example, apples or pears, in extreme cases - grapes.

However, most experts do believe that the k

iwi - a very healthy fruit that pregnant women should include in your diet.The fact that it contains a lot of various vitamins.Indeed, even exotic fruits, such as bananas, kiwis and oranges are very useful for our body, subject to moderation in the use and does not have their daily kilograms

Pregnant women need vitamin C, which is contained in the kiwi.He is also known to strengthen the immune system, helps fight colds and viral diseases and strongly supports the body.Somehow, it is believed that the main source of this wonderful vitamin are citrus fruits.In fact, in his kiwi contains much more, but are allergic to it occurs much less frequently.

Magnesium and potassium, which are also found in abundance in the kiwi, strengthen the cardiovascular system and are essential for normal functioning of the heart.This is especially important during high loads, which have to endure the body of a pregnant woman.

But that's not all.Kiwi helps to fight this perennial problem for pregnant women, as constipation.Moreover, it makes it even when all other known natural products, such as dried apricots or prunes, were useless.To do this, you only need to eat about 2 pieces of this remarkable fruit and drink sufficient amount of water.

And do not forget to rinse your mouth after you eat kiwi - its juice is harmful to tooth enamel.

and talk about the possible dangers of

Why are some doctors, if you ask them whether pregnant kiwi, will treat it with skepticism?And the thing is that the kiwi in some cases actually cause allergies.Pawdite, it usually happens in the event that if you eat too much.Allergies can manifest itself in the appearance of skin rash or redness, especially - the larynx.If you have the allergy, then, unfortunately, you have to eliminate from your diet kiwi.

Do not use it and those who have gastric ulcer, hyperacidity, gastritis - in fact in the kiwi contains a large amount of acid.

Eating kiwi causes the kidneys to work actively, so you should be careful and if you have problems with that body.

In all other cases, you can safely eat kiwi fruit, of course, do not abuse it.1-2 fruit per day for pregnant women would be sufficient.