Can pregnant and calcium preparations

Do you know about what the human body needs calcium, so if he really needs it?Weight of calcium in the human body is about 2% of its total weight.Without calcium impossible to bone formation and nervous system, without it will not coagulate the blood and muscles to contract.In essence, calcium - this is the element, which in the body the most.That is why it is so important for pregnant women to receive it in sufficient quantities.It considered sufficient to 1500 mg of calcium daily.Can pregnant women calcium and how to take it?

Where the expectant mother to take calcium

As you know, to the developing body of the future mother to the fetus normally formed tissue, nerve cells, organs, bone skeleton, ears, skin, hair and nails - for all thispregnant women need to receive timely calcium.Daily passes through the placental barrier more than 300 mg of this important element.

Under the influence of pregnancy hormones Calcium is actively absorbed from the food consumed by a woman.The bulk of the calcium we

get from dairy products and milk, and mainly - skim.Calcium is found in cauliflower, green vegetables, garlic, many fruits and berries.To replenish the reserves of calcium in the body is very useful to eat jelly and fish.

However, there are foods that slow down the absorption of calcium from food.Primarily, this sorrel, gooseberries, currants, spinach and all kinds of cereals.The thing is that they contain acid - oxalic or phytic by reaction with calcium which forms an insoluble form and excreted through the kidneys.Therefore, it is important to take into account this feature and use only compatible products at the same time.

Why pregnant women do not have enough calcium

This can happen for various reasons.But, in the first place are the diseases that interfere with calcium absorbed: gastric or duodenal ulcer, cholelithiasis, colitis, liver problems, various types of endocrine diseases, such as diabetes or thyroid disease.It limits the absorption of calcium by the body, and taking certain medications, such as glyukortikoidov that prescribed for asthma.

Can pregnant women take extra calcium?

Before taking additional calcium supplements, be sure to consult with the attending physician in order to determine what exactly caused by a lack of calcium in your body.Sometimes pregnant women is enough to properly adjust your diet to ensure that they get enough calcium.If the whole thing in some diseases, it is only a question of calcium supplementation can not be solved.

widespread and so familiar to us all from childhood calcium gluconate in fact it contains the least amount.Most of the calcium contained in other drugs - calcium carbonate.

preparations, which contain calcium - or rather, its salt, divided into three large groups:

pregnant should carefully listen to your body.And if you want to eat, for example, a piece of chalk, constantly drink milk or eat cheese, you know, this is a signal to you.Do not miss it, if you want your baby to be strong and healthy.