Let's talk about whether pregnant cocoa

During pregnancy, a woman's tastes are changing rapidly.And if you thought before that the cocoa drink and child were completely indifferent to it, but now, unexpectedly for itself you may find that you want to have a cup of terrible cocoa with milk.Can we now, in your position of cocoa drink?Suddenly, it somehow can affect the unborn baby's health?Let's investigate.

Cocoa and its benefits.Or - harm?

question, in general, is not so unambiguous.Like most things in this world, cocoa has its positive and negative aspects.But first, let's talk about the good.

Firstly, cocoa contains natural anti-depressants, boosting our mood and make life not so gray as it may seem at first glance.A single cup of this wonderful drink to your mood has improved considerably, and the gloomy morning outside the window did not look quite so bleak.At the same time, the body gets a certain cheerfulness, and you finally wake up.

large amount of folic acid found in cocoa, which is so necessary for pregnant women.Proteins, zinc

and iron, which is also very necessary right now.It increases the amount of iron, red blood cells and, therefore, provides a good supply of oxygen to the entire body.

Cocoa and help those who have low blood pressure during pregnancy.And all this thanks to the caffeine contained in the beverage.So a cup of cocoa in the morning will help you all day to feel much better than usual.

Cocoa helps to maintain skin elasticity and prevents the occurrence of stretch marks.

Can pregnant cocoa

Despite all the positive qualities of the drink, doctors advise them to get involved especially during childbearing.And that's why.

Firstly, cocoa, like all products from cocoa beans, including chocolate, is a strong allergen.And even if the pre-pregnancy women do not experience any problems with allergies or intolerance of some foods, but now things can change dramatically.After all, moms completely hormonal changes, which means that almost all processes in the body start to go a completely different way.Especially since the sensitivity of the body is substantially increased.

Cocoa may be contraindicated for pregnant women because many pressure rises significantly during this period.A cocoa, as already mentioned, has the property just even increase it.

And finally, one more very, very significant drawback of cocoa.The fact that he has a very bad quality, wash the body of calcium.Namely, this element is usually so lacking pregnant.Because calcium is needed to build bone and nervous system of the unborn child, all his muscles, tissues and organs.And worst of all, that the lack of this important element in the diet or blood expectant mother, it begins to be extracted from her bone, and other organs.So often during pregnancy greatly worsens the condition of the teeth, hair and nails, and even osteoporosis may develop.

In general, properly weighed all the pros and cons need to be able to somehow compensate for the negative, which can bring cocoa pregnant, while retaining all of its positive qualities.

Can pregnant cocoa Nesquik

course, all familiar with this bright beautiful jar of instant cocoa.And when you do not want to bother with a view to brew yourself a natural, hand and stretches to pour in a cup a teaspoon of Nesquik and fill it with boiling water.

And - not worth it.In Nesquik contains artificial elements: emulsifiers, flavorings and others.Therefore, during pregnancy should abandon him, using only natural cocoa.Even on its preparation takes a little more time.