Can pregnant yogurt and other dairy products

Every pregnant woman with a special absolute awe about his condition.It keeps track of your health, the regime of the day and, of course, food.After all, that pregnant women eat their baby through the blood transmitted immediately.Is it possible to pregnant yogurt?After all heard horror stories about how yogurt after police found in the blood of the driver a certain amount per thousand.

role of yogurt during pregnancy

Meanwhile, it is pregnant yogurt is extremely necessary in the first place.The fact that the calcium contained in the fermented milk product is completely absorbed by the human body.Namely calcium usually so lacking in pregnant women.After all, it all goes into the construction of the skeleton and tissue unborn child, it is the necessary foundation without which your baby in any way can not do.

But in addition, expectant mothers often suffer from various intestinal disorders.For pregnant women increasing uterus begins to push his weight to the adjacent organs, and this leads to a viol

ation of the digestive processes, heartburn, bloating and, of course, constipation, which affects almost all pregnant women.Kefir also contributes to the normalization of all these processes are its unique properties is that it gently cleanse the intestine, destroying the pathogens that might penetrate through its walls into your blood and, respectively, into the blood of a child.

Can pregnant kefir constantly?

In fact, if there is any medical contraindications, for example, intestinal diseases, allergy or increased acidity, no other obstacles to the use of yogurt during pregnancy does not exist.And all the stories about what it contains alcohol is not really worth your attention.More precisely, some tenths of a percent of alcohol in kefir actually contained, but there is so little that you can not simply take it into account.To the content somehow became noticeable in your blood, you need to drink about 10 liters of yogurt.

On the other hand, the use yogurt to be reasonable and not excessive, since yogurt has poslabyayuschim influence, and this in turn can lead to dehydration.

Other fermented beverages during pregnancy