Can pregnant women have sex and how often

Should during pregnancy to have sex or to abstain, because it could somehow damage the future has not yet roivshemusya kid?This is probably one of the main issues of concern to many, many couples waiting for birth of a child.And to solve this problem at all differently.Who continues to support the former regime of intimate relations, which they were before pregnancy, if not completely reduces the intimate life there.And - it is in vain.

If such couples have turned to experts for advice, they would have learned that the pregnant sex is not only possible, but also useful.

Can pregnant women have sex?

Of course, there are cases where sex is contraindicated in pregnant women because of some medical reasons.It can be vaginal bleeding, threat of miscarriage or premature birth, leakage of amniotic fluid, placenta previa, waiting for the birth of twins, and infectious diseases.

In all these cases, sex can go in harm, and therefore should be avoided by them.In all other - there is no reason to abandon the i

ntimacy, the more so that it can only benefit.

it possible to damage the baby when having sex

No, this is impossible.Nature is well taken care of reliably to hide evolving life three protective covers.Firstly, it is the wall of the uterus itself, elastic and durable, it protects the baby from all external influences.Secondly, it fetal bladder and, thirdly, of course, the amniotic fluid.

In addition, the vagina output covers the cervix and reliably overlapped her mucus plug.

Features of female sexuality during pregnancy

Usually, at the beginning of pregnancy, a woman noted at a decreased sex drive.This is absolutely normal, if we remember that it was at this time, the future mother begins to torment toxicosis.If your partner will show understanding and patience, it is then, in a few weeks, sexy pregnant women just blooms.Many recognized that only during pregnancy they first learned - what an orgasm.In recent months, the term sex pregnant women can deliver some discomfort due to the increased abdomen and limited movements.Nevertheless.It was at this time to have sex pregnant women is particularly useful in view of the special properties of the male sperm, softening the cervix and makes it more elastic.

What child feels when his parents having sex

question whether it is possible for pregnant women to have sex, often because parents think about the future of the baby that he can experience during intimacy.The child, who is in the womb perceives only those emotions that she experiences.Thus, if the mother is having fun and the joy of communicating with your partner, then exactly the same feelings and transmitted to the child.

Sometimes the expectant mother may notice that after having sex, especially after orgasm, the baby begins to show particularly active inside the uterus.This is just because the blood is thrown great amount of pleasure hormone, and besides, my mother heartbeat quickens.So there is nothing unusual or alarming in this activity the child after having sex in pregnancy is not.

Just does not matter if you notice after orgasm minor uterine wall.Threats of abortion in this.It's just a little training for the uterus and for the future of the baby, which will only benefit them.Deliveries may begin only if your uterus is already ripe for this, as a rule, in the most recent days of pregnancy.Therefore, it is somewhat delayed, then doctors recommend pregnant women to have sex, to remind your child that it is time to be born.