Can pregnant inhalation during a cold or flu

Even during pregnancy will not hide from colds and viruses.Moreover, at this time they even stronger attack the body of the future mother, because the immune defenses significantly depletes its forces out to protect life began.And how to be in this case?After all, as we know, categorically contraindicated for pregnant too many drugs.Is it possible to pregnant inhalation?

few general recommendations

As you know, as part of inhalation often present all sorts of drugs.From such inhalations pregnant should be discarded.

very same steam inhalation during inhalation no harm to a pregnant woman or her unborn child can not bring.Another issue that must be approached with caution to those substances and herbs that you want to add to the composition.First of all, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Inhalation pregnant and not only will do much more convenient if you use this specially designed machines - nebulization.Also, since you will be able to more quickly achieve the desired effect, because the inhal

er is not just a form steam for inhalation - it generates very little of its particles, which can reach to the farthest corners of the lungs and bronchi.

Can pregnant inhalation

can, subject to certain rules.

If you have a cold or not guard themselves from the flu, you have a cough, runny nose, then inhaled can help you ease breathing, remove edema from the mucosa, moisturize and strengthen its expectoration.

talks with his attending physician to choose the most safe and effective in your position means for inhalation.Remember that the initiative in this matter is unacceptable.After using any inhaled medication more quickly absorbed into the body than in the ordinary admission.

Do not use old grandmother's methods for inhalation.Affairs that breath, leaning over the pot and close to the head warm scarf not only extremely uncomfortable, but also unsafe.You can be badly burned, not to mention the fact that the pot of boiling water can easily topple over.

Special unit can be easily purchased at a pharmacy.In addition, you'll need it more than once in the future for treating colds in children.It is convenient and easy to use, and most importantly - absolutely safe.

for inhalation drugs are of two types.The first type - is inhalation using a heated vapor.This is - a classic inhalers.The second type devices - so-called nebulizers that generate a pair of particles with compressed air or ultrasound.In this case, the pair remains cold, and act only tiny particles of water, of which it is composed.

Note that the water in the inhaler should not be heated above 400C.Time of procedure - 10 minutes.Pregnant women are not recommended to perform inhalation with an increase in pressure, temperature, or various heart diseases.

most safe for pregnant women to use for inhalation ordinary clean water.It softens and moisturizes the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and throat.All other additives may be used only after consulting a doctor.

And we should not rely on the fact that if you pre-pregnancy helped some essential oil or you quietly transferred some grass, then and now all is well.Pregnancy largely rebuilds the body and therefore a reaction to the many substances it may be for you a completely unexpected.Do not risk the health of the unborn child.