Can pregnant women drink kvass

Kvas.Useful and tasty beverage, which has long been prepared and loved in Russia.It is made from natural ingredients and good thirst quencher, especially in the summer heat.So why do occasionally raises the question of whether it is possible to drink pregnant?It turns out that the whole thing is that kvass contains a certain amount of alcohol - about 1%.Here are the future mothers, and fear that the brew may somehow damage the future baby, because we all know that alcohol is contraindicated during pregnancy.Let's find out whether pregnant brew?

Pregnancy and kvass - Are they compatible

According to doctors, moderate consumption of kvass can not hurt anyone at all.And pregnant women - too.The fact that kvass contains many trace elements and vitamins, so it is useful to women in child waiting period.So no harm, but good from the kvass can not be.Well before the alcohol, which is so all concerned, its percentage is so small, that in no way harm the fetus can not.

At home natural kvass contains vitamin

s B group, amino acids and beneficial bacteria, it improves intestinal microflora, improves digestion and helps to maintain and strengthen the immune system.Kvass helps to get rid of constipation, flatulence prevents development and cares about the state of your skin.

Of course, there are some contraindications to its use by pregnant women.Do not drink kvass in if you are prone to the formation of edema, the tone of the uterus, some diseases such as diabetes.If you have any doubt whether the brew will do you good, you can consult with your attending physician.

Can pregnant brew from the store

Another issue that kvass, which is sold in stores, may, in its composition does not resemble a natural home brew.Most of its varieties, which are exhibited there, or completely prepared with artificial ingredients, or, in one way or another they contain in their composition.So, if you read the label, you will find that almost the entire store kvass contains no preservatives, which certainly does not show pregnant women.

Do not buy kvass in the event that:

best if expectant mothers will acquire brew only in specialty stores or points well, or prepare it yourself.Now you can find many recipes for this useful and delicious drink.And as kvass prepared with your own hands, you can be absolutely sure.

Can I recover from the kvass

This is another widespread myth, due to which expectant mothers are afraid to use the brew.Indeed, the yeast, which are part of this drink is quite stimulate appetite.But a similar property has not only kvass, but also many other products that we are on the table, including those that are so drawn pregnant - salted cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes.For the same, so as not to gain excess weight, pregnant simply to comply with the required standard in the use of food, and, of course, kvass, including.Well, if you are on a hot summer afternoon allow yourself to drink a glass of this refreshing and healthy drink, nothing terrible will happen.