Fitness for pregnant women : is it possible for pregnant women to download the press

Healthy lifestyle and beautiful inflated body are not just popular, and a mandatory attribute of modern life.Many women try to always maintain a good shape, in particular - the rock press.But is it possible for pregnant women to swing the press and, if so, to what duration of pregnancy it can be done?

In order to answer this question, we need to understand what exactly exercise shown to pregnant women, and some - on the contrary, are contraindicated.

Physical training during pregnancy

Available exercise necessarily needed by the body of the future mother, because it helps to strengthen the immune defense and helps to resist infections, which are particularly dangerous in this period.Thus, if you were doing before pregnancy, such as sports, fitness or exercise regularly at the gym, there is no reason to order immediately after you have seen on the test long-awaited two strips, throw it up.Of course, the intensity of the load must be some way to reduce, but in general you can continue to do what he l

ikes, of course, after consultation with the attending physician.

At the same time, if before you just did nothing, then during pregnancy, you definitely need to pick up a set of special physical education for pregnant women.It is imperative to your body.After all, your physical activity will help to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.Walking outdoors, yoga, swimming, water aerobics - all this is not only useful, but also, I must say, very, very nice class, so do not neglect it.

Can pregnant rock press

But back to the question with which we began our conversation.Respond to him, not knowing your status is extremely difficult, therefore, on this subject, first of all, you must talk to your doctor in the antenatal clinic.Of course, inflated muscles peritoneum help easier to bear pregnancy, prevent the appearance of stretch marks and are very, very helpful during labor.However, it is necessary to take care before pregnancy.Therefore

General recommendations on physical activity for pregnant