Can green tea pregnant and how many

Today it is hard to imagine, but twenty years ago such a healthy and tasty drink green tea in Russia was not too popular.Most preferred such familiar - black and strong.But as they say, everything flows, everything changes, and today, on the contrary, it is green tea - jasmine, lemon or mint, or just, takes the most popularity.But can green tea pregnant?And, besides, there are equally useful in all sorts of miracle drink or should choose some special?

Useful than green tea

I must say that not everything is managed rasprobovat real taste of green tea, someone he may seem too bright and quite tasteless, while its East drink with the same pleasure that's notthe first thousand years.And - especially in the summer heat, when hot green tea quenches thirst and returns power to the body.

And if someone thinks that green tea is not enough or strong fragrant, it is likely that the whole thing, as in that joke - he just does not know how to cook it.

course, cheaper varieties of green tea in bags, is more lik

e a dust or dust.Do not give you a complete idea about the taste of the drink, and good, to be honest, from this tea is not too much.But all exactly the same applies to such familiar to us black tea.

If you want to fully enjoy the delicate aroma of green tea, you need to purchase is not too cheap grade and it is desirable - not packaged, and the usual loose large leaf green tea.And his brew in a teapot, as did our grandmothers and mothers with black tea.

True, there is some difference.Black tea is desirable to drink directly shortly after brewing, because the more it costs, the worse it becomes taste.The green tea is just the opposite.The more he insisted, the richer and more flavorful it becomes.And - of course, the more it is useful substances.And most important of them - it's the antioxidants that help prevent the occurrence of cancer.In making green tea cosmetic mask, it is added to lotions and creams, it is used for different diets.

Can green tea pregnant

Nevertheless, when all the pros in green tea, there are some qualities that raise questions about its use during pregnancy.And - of course, it is a high content of caffeine in it.Here, it is slightly larger than in black tea, virtually the same as in coffee.

That is why, despite the fact that green tea is really very, very useful during pregnancy is necessary to reduce its use.Or, to drink tea immediately after brewing - then the level of caffeine in it is somewhat lower.

daily is recommended for pregnant women to drink no more than 3-4 cups of freshly brewed green tea.In this case, caffeine consumption will not exceed 200 mg of caffeine.However, it should be noted that this provision should be maintained along with all the other possible consumption of caffeine, such as chocolate or coffee.

At the same time, completely abandon the green tea is not worth it.Firstly, because there are already mentioned antioxidants.In addition, green tea helps to strengthen the skeletal system, teeth and immune system, as the expectant mother and the baby.

way, pay attention to what is available in many custom drink tea food they eat, in fact, incorrect.The fact that tea, whether black or green body does not absorb the iron which is supplied with food.And during pregnancy is especially important.