Can pregnant women to ride a bike

Certainly, pregnancy is a special and important period in the life of every woman.Although it promises great prospects now women have to comply with certain prohibitions and restrictions.And all those "impossible" that appear in this period, are not at all someone's ill will or whim, all this is due to certain features of physiology of the pregnant woman.Here, for example, whether the pregnant woman to ride a bike?Do you think the answer to this question is obvious?If so, then you are deeply mistaken.

Moms cycling

Of course, Russia is still not such a familiar image.But, I must say that we have and the conditions for cyclists in the city virtually created.But in those countries where the bicycle is the most popular means of transportation - Denmark, the Netherlands, China, Japan, everywhere you can see the pregnant women to have decent bellies, without any fear famously pedaling.And if you ask them a question that we have learned in the title of this article, it's likely they do not even understand

what you mean.Because, really, the bike has long been quite usual for them, and almost the only means of transportation.And it's interesting, the doctors do not have anything against it.

the way, and in our country, more and more doctors are beginning to lean toward the idea that pregnant women are much better and more useful not to walk, but it is to ride a bike.And this is not surprising, because the bike does not load your joints and ligaments, and therefore, you may well ride on it for the duration of pregnancy, as it makes women almost everywhere.

The only limitation is the need to reduce the number of physical activity and the pace in the second half of pregnancy.And - do not forget to constantly drink water to prevent dehydration.

Can pregnant women to ride a bike

is possible, provided the correct load distribution.In addition, it should be remembered that the cycling - this is not the competition, and you do not need to hurry.The ride should be only as long as it gives you pleasure.If you feel discomfort, you should stop and rest.Do not try to overcome themselves.Listen to your body - it surely will tell you what to do.

If you are accustomed to ride a bike before pregnancy, then these are for you to load a matter of habit, and you can safely go on bike rides, taking with him a couple of friends to not be bored.

If before you have not biked, it probably is not worth it to start.The fact that novice riders can fall and you now any fall, even light is strictly contraindicated.

Pay attention to the fact that pregnant women should only ride on flat roads, preferably with a good coating, without hills and bumps.In fact, expectant mothers bike did not dangerous, but the shaking or fall with it can result in very unpleasant.In this sense, women abroad much more fortunate.In many countries the state personally takes care of cyclists, allocating them to specific zones and otherwise track their landscaping.As for our roads, of course, have all seen their condition.

way - on the road.Pregnant women should avoid cycling busiest highways.Firstly, there is too much exhaust gas, which is not shown expectant mothers.And, in addition, a pregnant woman simply can not cope with the management of the bike on the track.So it is not worth the risk.