Preparing for the holiday.Can pregnant sunning under the sun

Perhaps, it is difficult to find a woman who would not like to sunbathe.However, when it comes to the expectant mother, then surely it is disturbing question, and whether pregnant sunning under the sun?Let's see what the experts advise pregnant.

Useful if pregnant tan

fresh sea air and the gentle sun gives a lot of pleasure and warmth, not only physical, but also, if I may say so - peace.This is because under the influence of sunbathing the body relaxes, it activates the metabolism, endocrine glands begin to work, the composition of the blood is improved, it increases the number of red blood cells.

Sunlight include the synthesis of vitamin D, which, in turn, is an excellent prevention of rickets in the unborn child, and my mother strengthens skeletal system.After all, it allows vitamin D to absorb calcium, without which begins to develop osteoporosis.

the sun disappears depression and appears a beautiful golden tan.That's just to tan was really nice and golden, it is necessary to observe certain r

ules that will ensure your safety.

What are the types of skin

Embraced Did you note that the skin exposed to sunlight becomes more dense.Its surface layer thicker, but it provides better protection of the body from the sun.At the same time the skin cells begin to produce melanin - the dark protective pigment having the properties of the protective screen that absorbs the radiation.It is because of skin melanin and becomes brown or golden color, which is called tanning.

It does not appear immediately, the first signs of sunburn we begin to notice just a few hours after sunbathing.It is therefore important to leave the skin enough time to enable it to work out the necessary amount of protective pigment.But the skin of all people are different, the Europeans can be divided into four basic types.

The first type is blue-eyed and red-haired people with delicate white skin, often covered with freckles.In this type of people, as a rule, the skin does not produce melanin, they immediately burn strongly in the bright sun.

The second type - a blond and blue-eyed people who have fair skin, too gentle.They also tan with difficulty, and get a sunburn easier for them to light.

Dark-haired and light-eyed people with a dark skin type belong to the third type.Although the open sun, and they are minor burns, tan they are pretty fast.

People with almost black hair and eyes, with dark skin - this is the fourth type.Burns from the sun they almost never happens, and the skin darkens rapidly and covered with smooth tan.

Sun rules for pregnant