Can pregnant women engage in sports and how it

It seems that pregnancy and sports are two incompatible concepts.But what to do in case of pregnancy until the woman went in for sports and throwing his favorite thing in the coming years is not going to?Furthermore, as is known, a lack of movement even contraindicated in pregnancy.So whether it is possible for pregnant women to play sports?

Incidentally, it is often during pregnancy a woman first visited the idea of ​​the need for sports, well, even fitness, as rarely anyone not concerned that after delivery you can lose shape, to lose shape stout.In addition, I want to take care of their own health, which in this period begin to pay attention.So think about it the doctors?

Sport for the expectant mother

If you think that doctors are clearly against such activities, it is not quite true.True to get a definite answer you are unlikely to succeed.As a rule, all agree on the fact that if the sports activities for you are accustomed to the case, then you can keep them, reducing the number of load prope

rly.If you're not doing anything like that, the pregnancy is not a time when you should start.You have to wait until better times.

On the other hand, if we are talking about how to take care of health and the preservation of good form, you can walk more (but not run) or to engage in a special fitness for pregnant women.

Good results can be achieved using the lessons in the pool - swimming, water aerobics for pregnant women.If you are near there is a corresponding group - be sure to sign up to.

Can pregnant women practice sports

If we are talking about more serious sports activities, then they can go on only those women who prior to pregnancy have had some experience in this regard.However, there are sports, categorically contra expectant mothers.First of all, it's Diving and jumping from the tower, parachute sport, basketball, volleyball, hockey, women's boxing, equestrian and cycling.

way, from bike rides you can not refuse.It is important to exclude the time of competition and training.You can ride on the flat surface, not in the hill and down the hills, gently and slowly.

Generally it should be noted that the exercise should be to completely eliminate any chance of falling or injury.So, you can continue playing tennis, skating or cross-country skiing, but at the same time significantly reduce the load and observe the maximum caution.If you can properly distribute the load, then you may continue jogging.And that will bring many benefits, it's swimming, which helps pregnant women perfectly prepare for future delivery.Of course, in that case ,null, if there is no medical contraindication.

way - contraindications

before continuing exercise during pregnancy, or even more so, start them, you definitely need to consult with the attending physician.And if he does not give permission for the sport, it is impossible to ignore his warning and hope that all is cost physical activities Classes are contraindicated in cases of:

In all these cases, pregnant women should cease to engage in sports and to tackle the problem.