Can pregnant women use a solarium , and much

If you think that a solarium was coined for the winter fashionista could boast chocolate hue of the skin, then you are wrong.In fact, using the first solariums stepped synthesis of vitamin D in the body of those who lacked it.Unfortunately, in the Nordic countries, it is often the only way to remedy the lack of natural sunlight.But is it possible for pregnant women to sunbathe in the solarium?As is known ultraviolet radiation from the sun useful for the organism can not be called.And what can be said about the solarium?

What is useful for the body solarium

As already mentioned, a solarium, helps the body produce vitamin D, which is essential for the absorption of whether the calcium phosphorus, which means that without the bones become fragile and brittle, muscles - weak, and woundsa long time will not heal.

in the ultraviolet rays of the solarium there are no B-type, so it is not harmful to the skin and the whole organism.In addition, a solarium operates much more efficiently than conventional sun

.To obtain tan enough to be held in the chamber for 20 minutes.

At the same time, as practice shows, solarium helps strengthen the immune system, activates metabolism, improves blood circulation.

Before you go to the south.Well take a few sessions in the solarium.This will make the skin less sensitive to the active southern sun.

Can pregnant solarium

course, vitamin D is extremely necessary for an organism future mother, as well as the body of her baby.And solarium really helps his generation, with a lack of sun.However, in regard to pregnant women, doctors differ in their opinions.Opponents of the procedures in the solarium attribute this to the fact that no reliable evidence that the solarium is completely safe for the fetus, there is not, in fact about this research is not carried out.On the other hand, the heating of the body during pregnancy is highly undesirable because it can result in abortion, especially in its initial terms.And just the body to overheat the baby in the second half of pregnancy, too, will not go in his favor - because he has simply no cooling through sweating.

And finally, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation on the skin of a pregnant woman may appear dark spots, which even got a special name - the mask of pregnancy.For most women, they pass some time after birth, but there have been cases.When to remove them afterwards.

UV rays are able to penetrate directly to the fetus, penetrating through the placental barrier to the fetus exposed.And if it happens too often, it can lead to disastrous consequences.

But there is another point of view.It lies in the fact that the contraindications to solarium pregnant women are:

In the same case, if you do not have any of the above complications, pregnancy is totally normal, a solarium can be pregnant.

Taking the final decision, put the question differently.Do not ask yourself - if you can, ask whether pregnant women need to use a solarium?If you do decide to, not in the chamber for more than 10 minutes to prevent overheating of the body and does not perform the procedure too often - once every 10 days is enough.And for greater security is easy to cover up the abdomen with a towel.Child health in any case a priority.