Pantry health .Can pregnant women eat garlic

Physiology woman, her psychology, lifestyle, priorities, tastes, habits and way of life - all this changes drastically for women with pregnancy.That still madly in love yesterday, may cause nausea at the memory, but the fact that yesterday you hated, can, on the contrary, cause a mad desire to try.For example, garlic.Many pregnant begins to pull on it so that they are ready to absorb it almost intact heads.And they certainly would have done so if someone suddenly told them that there can not be pregnant garlic and under any sauce.Let's find out whether it is possible for pregnant women to eat garlic?

be or not to be garlic during pregnancy

If you no one said it would not have in your head crept in doubt about the absolute benefits of garlic.But, there are almost certainly well-wishers who want to enlighten you on this matter.For example, your best friend will tell you about how a negative garlic affects the development of the child.However, it can try in-law.Even though everything is going well, and

you feel yourself great, but some kind of worm is sure to dwell in your heart - you never know, as the saying goes.

Meanwhile, until there is not a single documented fact about the fact that garlic is somehow a negative impact on pregnancy.In fairness, it must be said that there is no evidence to the contrary - that it is extremely useful for pregnant women.So that opinions on this issue diverge most radically.

What did not hear a lot from all sides!And the fact that garlic is absolutely impossible to use in the first trimester of pregnancy, and all the rest - you can.And that is just the opposite, it is the first few weeks it is useful, as is killing all the germs, and in the last trimester can cause premature labor.Some argue that the garlic can not be used all the time carrying a child, others just what it needs to be there right now, because garlic is a source of health.Doctors, healers, homeopaths and other experts actively defend their point of view, and it is different from the milestones.Although in general, the most reasonable and moderate of them are inclined to think that the most important thing - it is to comply with a reasonable measure.

Can pregnant women eat garlic

Garlic is one of those herbs and spices that stimulate the manifestations of uterine activity.At one time, women in labor, even prescribed its daily use, to quickly clean the uterus and come to its normal state.However, then thought better of it, as it was found out that garlic is strongly not change for the better the taste quality of milk in nursing mothers, and so definitely not recommended to use garlic if breast-feeding.Apparently, in this regard, and there was a belief that garlic is contraindicated during pregnancy.In fact - it is not.

There is another danger.Some expectant mothers garlic can cause allergies, as relates to the allergens.Even if before pregnancy you did not have anything similar, things can change dramatically during the childbearing.

At the same time, the garlic really belongs to one of the most useful products of our table.There are present vitamins and bioflavonoids and antioxidants to help fight viruses.

So is it possible to eat garlic pregnant or not?Can.But - in moderation.As experience shows, there is no danger to the pregnancy as a whole garlic is not, even in her first trimester.And if you add it to your table, you can do it, certainly not just eating the whole head, and eating 1-2 cloves per day.It will only benefit.But if for some reason you do not want garlic or you are allergic to it is present, the here and say, in general, nothing.