Going on vacation : Can pregnant abroad

Here, finally, the long-awaited summer, and with it - and the holiday season.And so I want to fly somewhere to rest abroad, but there is a small problem - you are pregnant.Of course, this is a great happiness and joy that fills all new meaning to your existence, but it is also a great responsibility.Can pregnant abroad, and whether this any contraindications?After all, least of all the expectant mother wants to hurt her unborn child, even if it will be necessary to sacrifice the rest abroad, which for so long was planned.

consultation with a doctor

In order to understand whether the expectant mother can easily go abroad, it in the first place, it will be necessary to consult with your attending physician in the antenatal clinic.There is a paradise contraindications in which pregnant women should not go, not only abroad, but also in general to move off at a distance of more than 100 km from his home.It:

If your doctor has given you your "good" on departure abroad, there are no obstacles to this doe

s not exist.

Where better to go

not enough to know whether pregnant abroad, you must still choose the right choice for your vacation.The fact that pregnancy is not recommended abrupt change of climate or time zones.This stress can be difficult to survive, and in a normal state, and only in the event of the expectant mother, when so much depends on the normal production of hormones that regulate pregnancy, the choice of destinations and do turns into a very important task, which is not easy to solve.

most comfortable for pregnant would have been seashore European countries.This allows you to remain almost in a familiar climate and that is good, the time zone is not much different.But all kinds of tours to European capitals with a large number of excursions and trips for women in a similar situation are not suitable.

It would be nice to relax in the mountains.Of course, this does not mean that you have to go to storm the peaks or mountain climbing.But measured leisurely vacation, for example, in the Alps, you would go only benefit.

But from visiting exotic countries, whether in Eastern and South Asian pregnant women should be abandoned.You never know in advance what kind of disease it is possible to pick up, and you just are not in the same condition when the body is ready to give up their strength to fight the disease.

Speaking of medicine

Once you have decided with the country, have booked a place in the hotel, paid trips, be sure to be sure to determine the order, on what kind of medical care you can expect, if necessary on the spot.It is particularly important that it was quite skilled.These can help you put things directly from the representatives of tourism companies, insurance if you get through it.

trouble is that travel companies often do not provide insurance, associated with the passage of pregnancy.Because, first of all, you need to find an insurance company that will be ready to take care of insurance for pregnant women going abroad.

Or you will need to postpone the special, untouchable amount you can spend on your medical needs, if the need arises.