Japanese : Can pregnant women eat rolls

Japanese cuisine is firmly taken its place in our lives, and not every woman will find the strength to give up on the rolls, even while carrying a child.Meanwhile, there is a strong view that pregnant women should not eat rolls, it is shared even by many doctors.But are these really small rolls in some way can damage your unborn baby and it really expectant mother need to give up their favorite treat?Can pregnant women eat rolls?

Rolls and sushi during pregnancy

If you ask how can affect the course of pregnancy, such as rolls, a Japanese doctor, most likely, he did not understand at first what it was about.In Japan, the use of rolls and sushi during pregnancy is common and no woman did not even think about the fact that for some reason they supposedly can not be used.And, in fact, so far there is no evidence that eating sushi or rolls pregnant women has led to some negative consequences.Therefore, Japanese people really do not understand the ban on the rolls installed for pregnant women in the Russi

an territory, consider it unfair and even silly.After all, fish and algae contain an incredible amount of various trace elements, so it is necessary for pregnant women.

only restriction that allowed the Japanese to expectant mothers in this respect is that in the preparation of rolls must use fish with a minimum content of mercury, and strictly adhered to their preparation technology.

Can pregnant women eat rolls

Expectant mothers can safely eat this delicious and definitely a useful product if the following conditions are met:

Rolls for pregnant women should be cooked salmon or shrimp because they contain verylittle mercury.And should not be used for this swordfish, mackerel or tuna;

Pregnant women should only be used rolls or sushi, made from processed fish.Moreover, the treatment may be either thermal - for example, when hot-smoked, and vice versa - the cold.The fact that the fish is subjected to a deep freeze just killed all possible parasites and pregnant it can be used without any fear.

Expectant mothers should not eat sushi or rolls, while on holiday in the countries belonging to the Caribbean.The fact that some varieties of fish, and that there are found that could be used in the preparation of sushi or rolls may contain dangerous toxins to human health.The same applies to the southern regions of the Pacific Ocean.All of these types of fish are completely absent in the Russian territory, so here you can eat rolls without fear.

Even better if you cook rolls independently at home.Unfortunately, in many cafes and small restaurants are not always maintained the technology of preparation of rolls, which can cause indigestion or poisoning of a future mother.But the blame for this will not do rolls and chef who prepared them.Unsanitary, dirt, aging is not technology - can all lead to the same results with any other types of food, and not only with rolls.Therefore it is better for pregnant women to be careful not to dine in questionable establishments.

Incidentally, the rolls are not only fish, but also completely vegetarian.Therefore, if you have any doubts about the fish rolls, you can confine those that contain only herbal ingredients or with the addition of cheese.By the way, all of the products for their preparation, you can easily buy in specialized stores.