Can I chew gum pregnant

Have you ever thought that pregnant women, it turns out, can not chew a cud familiar to all, which we chew on the street every second teenager?Well, it would seem that may be harmful in that a harmless-looking plate, which, moreover, is highly recommended for pre-cleaning of the teeth after eating?It turns out, is not so simple, and maybe after you get acquainted with some pretty interesting facts you may want to get rid of this habit, not only during pregnancy but also forever.So, whether pregnant cud?

As gum affects teeth during pregnancy

Let's start from the beginning.Of course, everything you see and not just commercials, assuring that only chewing gum can save your teeth from decay.If you do not use the chewing gum after eating, manufacturers assure us these delicious plates, then your teeth will certainly be covered with black spots, and after a while they lose altogether.

Of course, each of us understands that to completely clean your teeth with the help of chewing gum is not possible, but m

aybe it does help protect teeth for a while, until you get to the toothbrush?Breathing, in any case, with it really gets a nice minty smell.

The trouble lies elsewhere.Seals, which were so firmly in our teeth, under the action of chewing gum simply become loose and fall.And the thing is that when chewing gum that creates a vacuum effect that is stronger than even the most reliable seal.

Since pregnant women are protected teeth quite weak, because her body strongly enough calcium, even if infinitely replenish its reserves, then, as a result, there are endless visits to the dentist.And there are known, applied anesthetic.And, although, if you use it too often, that's for sure, not be useful for the child to dental treatment to pregnant women used special types of anesthesia.

Can pregnant cud?

In order to answer this question, let's look at the composition of chewing gum.More precisely on those puzzling tsiferki who stand there with bukovkoy E. For example, Aspartame - E951.This artificial element sweetener that replaces sugar in a chewing gum.In fact, he really is completely harmless, but the trouble is that in the human body under the influence of metabolism, he falls into the amino acid phenylalanine and methanol.Of course, the methanol content after using one plate is quite insignificant and, moreover, and methanol is synthesized by the human body - is, so to speak, a by-product of his life.But whether or not to increase the amount of methanol in your body during pregnancy - up to you.

However, methanol - that's not all.Phenylalanine, the second component of aspartame also causes big questions.It is believed that although he does not pass directly through the placenta, adversely affects the hormonal balance of the pregnant woman, so - and fetal hormones, because they are completely intertwined.Although, in fairness it should be noted that no serious research on this topic has not yet been conducted, and reaffirmed on this occasion there is no data.So far, only - some assumptions and hypotheses.But does your unborn child - an object To such experiments?

In general, doctors in Belarus, for example, have already written on many chewing gums, they are not recommended for use during pregnancy.They believe that pregnant chew gum is definitely not worth it.Perhaps you, too, should listen to their advice?