Can pregnant women do chest X-rays , if necessary

now increasingly heard that chest X-ray during pregnancy is not as terrible as you might expect.Well, because the health of the future baby questions for the mother always comes first, then let's try to figure out whether this is actually pregnant and whether to do chest X-rays.

What is fluoroscopy and why it makes

fluorography is used in medicine to check the lungs, heart and blood vessels.Reveal to them the hidden risk of disease and all manner of disease in the early stages.This method is, in virtue of its simplicity and good information content, is the most prevalent.It allows time to detect the disease and begin her treatment, without waiting until the process becomes irreversible.In carrying out fluoroscopy body gets some X-ray dose, so do the procedure, even a healthy person is recommended no more than once a year.

clear that expectant mothers prefer to abandon the x-rays, for fear that it will negatively affect the course of pregnancy and fetal development.

Can pregnant do fluorography

In pregnant women it can be said that the conduct of fluoroscopy are assigned only when avoiding this procedure there is no way.The basis for fluoroscopy are solely medical condition, and it is held only under the supervision of the expert observer.

In general, chest X-rays can be considered safe for pregnant women, if it takes place after the middle period, when all the major organs of the baby.But in the early weeks and throughout the first trimester of pregnancy, when the fetus is an active division of cells with fluorography better to wait, because, as you know, X-ray radiation is particularly dangerous as the time for the cells in their division.

In the same case, if the conduct of fluoroscopy can not wait, then belly expectant mother is protected by special lead apron shielding X-rays.

Modern devices for x-rays are safe

According to experts, modern devices for x-rays, allow us to make this process as efficient as possible and safe even for the expectant mother.Properly conducted fluorography in no way affects the developing baby's health.The fact that modern technologies allow to make the radiation dose received by the patient is so minimal that it can not affect the health of the fetus.In particular, it is built into the unit, lead cover, reliably protect not only the uterus, and other organs that are in close proximity to it.In addition, the uterus, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, there is a considerable distance from the light, so that irradiated it will be difficult.Reduced to the limit of ionizing radiation, together with the apparatus increased sensitivity allows pregnant fluorography without the slightest damage to the fetus.

If you still remain some doubts about the normal development of the child after the procedure, fluoroscopy, you can take with your attending physician direction for genetic counseling.After the 12th week of pregnancy, you will be assigned an ultrasound examination of the fetus, which will give full information and the development and formation of its bodies.We should add that has not yet been a single case where a holding fluoroscopy provoked some deviations.